Gramener is a Design-led Data Science company. We strive to tell insightful stories from DATA. We bring Platform, People, and Process under one roof to solve complex business problems to provide a competitive advantage. We strive for convergence of Analytical Services and Software to provide business context. Gramener focusses on CUSTOM Solution as opposed to just providing technology.

Arindam Roy is a seasoned analytics professional with 9 years of experience. He has been a part of Gramener since two and half years and, works as a Senior Manager-Data Science at Gramener. He leads the solutioning practice for Banking and Manufacturing clients.

In an interview Arindam shares about his journey and, what it requires to join Gramener.

  1. How did you decide to be in the field of analytics?
    With an engineering background, I always had an interest in the field of data science.Post my MBA, I wanted to be a part of this industry, which has an exponential growth curve.
  2. What do you think is the major challenge for hiring an entry level talent in analytics?
    It is a big challenge for hiring entry level talent in this industry. When we hirefreshers from premium institutes,we spend a lot of effort and time to train and enable them to apply their theoretical concepts in the complex engagements we deal in. They are continuously mentored by senior associates to build their skillsets and career path.
  3. Do you provide internships and live project opportunities?
    We have an internal specialized unit, AI Labs, focusing on state-of-the-art technologies like focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning where we provide opportunities for internships and live projects. The duration varies from individual to individual and we also offer PPO’s to students if they perform excellently.
  4. What are the skills you look for while hiring?
    The skills depend on the role that we are hiring for. We hire freshers for the roles like Data Consultants, Design Consultants, Data Specialists, and Analysts. For a Data Consultant we look for individuals having good logical ability, having blend of both business and technical know-how, capability to think and come up with unique solutions. For a Design Consultant we look for individuals from a design background with a flair for user interface and user experience. For a Data Specialists we look for full stack developers who are good at Python and JS stack. For Analysts roles an individual should have good understanding of statistics and different analytical algorithm.
  5. What is the hiring time frame of Gramener?
    For senior level hiring, like for the role of Data Scientists and Lead Analyst, which needs candidates to have niche skills, the hiring lead time is around 5-6 months. For mid level and junior level hiring the lead time is around 2-3 months. We hire from multiple sources and for entry level, we hire from premier institutes.
  6. Is your company focused more into analytics products or services?
    We offerdata application development services on top of our own Data Visualization Platform/Product called Gramex and other self-service BI tools. Gramex is a No-code Data Science Platform to Automate Insights as Stories.
  7. Any interesting projects you would like to share about?
    We have a lot of interesting projects that we have been working on. For an American multinational computer technology company we are using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to analyze the sentiment of customer feedback, and identify areas to improve and evaluate the progress.

We are partners to Republic TV to create visual analytics views during coverage of state and national elections. The visuals which are seen in the news channel are designed and developed by Gramener.

Please feel free to join our monthly workshops to get a taste of the real time environment.