You may cross many people by the time you actually enter the interview room. Each time you may have to introduce yourself to the receptionist, or to the hiring manager, or multiple people. Appearance plays an important role in all this, and adhering to a dress code will really go along way in making a great first impression. Being confident and being aware of your body language will help in making the introduction smooth too. Let’s see some methods in which you can introduce yourself in an interview.


As soon as you reach the venue of your interview, you may need to intimate your hiring manager or the receptionist who is handling the interview calls. You should be quick and you should concisely introduce yourself with your full name, the time of interview and the position you’re being interviewed for, for instance— Hello, I am Monica Silva and I am here for the 10 AM interview for the Website Developer role. Post that, you’ll be asked to wait in the reception. Now, keep in mind that your body language should convey the right emotion. Place your arms on the side armrests or on your lap and keep your feet touched on the floor or you can cross them at the ankle. It’s always better if you don’t take out your phone during this time. Take this time to observe your surroundings and take a mental note of questions you want to ask.

When the hiring manager or the assistant comes to greet you, stand up and give a firm handshake with a smile. Make sure your grasp is not too light, or too tight. Again introduce yourself with your full name and when they say theirs, revert with a “nice to meet you, XYZ’. That way, you’re more likely to remember their names as well. Make sure you keep eye contact all times you speak. Remember to thank them if they come to just drop you to the room. If they’re your interviewer, and they have interacted before with you on email or phone call, you can tell them how nice it is to meet them in person.

During Interview

Since now you’re waiting in the room, take this time to compose yourself by drinking a glass of water and taking in a couple of deep breaths. Get ready, by taking out your pen, paper for taking any notes, if needed. When the interviewer enters, stand up and shake your hand firmly and tell them your name. Although the interviewer might know why you’re here for, it’s also a good call to start with one line of telling them why you’re here. Once pleasantries are done, you can give him the hard copy of your resume and get going with the interview questions and answers. You could also start with your elevator pitch.

Post Interview

However the interview was, you cannot let it reflect on your actions or expressions. Once the interviewer is done and stands up to leave, you should stand up with him and thank them for their time, with a smile on your face. If you want, you could always ask for a business card. A smile and a firm handshake will go a long way in building confidence and getting your interviewer to remember you.

Wanna watch how to introduce yourself in an actual interview. Click on the video to watch it!