Preparing for an interview doesn’t have to be a big task. You just need to know a couple of basics before you get going to give that interview! We’ve got you covered.

Know Your Employer

Spend a good amount of time reading about the organisation from as many sources as you can. Talk to people you know, read newspaper clippings and of course, Google. By doing this, you’ll get a larger picture about the company. Try to imbibe the company personality and try to align yourself to the company goals. Check what conversations they’re having on the digital medium, you can then use them as conversation starters in the interviews. Read reviews about the workplace online and check what people have to say about it. You can also ask the hiring manager about the interview format beforehand.

Foresee The Questions

Keep some creativity ready when you’re wondering what kind of questions could be asked in the interview. You need to think of answers to the most commonly asked FAQs in interviews, which are almost always asked and you need to think of answers that resonate with your personality and the company goals alike. You can always keep a notebook with all points jotted down, but remember to not answer by looking at it continuously. The answers should not look scripted. Make sure you also add numbers to your answers to make a bigger impact. You can practice looking in the mirror or even take mock interviews. It’s the best way to practice and come up with relevant questions that could be asked!

Dress As Per Need

Yes, you’ll need planning for this too. Keep your look simple and conservative. Being overtly stylish is not recommended anytime. You can always check with the hiring manager and ask him to give you a heads up about what to wear for the interview. Press your clothes, and make sure they’re neat and without any stains on them. People almost always have this one ‘lucky shirt’ which they keep in their wardrobe after every use, and only dust it out for the interview occasion. Refrain from doing that. Groom yourself and try to look clean and neat as much as you can, which would mean shaving your beard, getting a haircut, getting nails trimmed etc. Remember to clean your bag before you carry it to the interview because you can’t take the risk of used food item wrappers or phone chargers falling off when you’re taking out the necessary documents.

Clear Your Head

Get enough rest and don’t think negative. Reflect on your career path and see what all is going to help you in answering tough interview questions. If you don’t know the answer, you can be honest about it or even take some time by repeating the question asked. Read about body language basics and study them. Go with a clear head and positive thoughts, and you’ll surely succeed!