One fine day, you wait after the interview ends, and you’ve got your dream job! It’s a very proud moment for you and you’re already planning a celebration. But, there’s an important step before all this; to write an acceptance email stating you’ve accepted all terms and conditions what the job entails. The recruiter will send you a written confirmation of the job offer for official records and so, it’s only better you respond to it on email, too. Let’s see how to write a job letter acceptance email with a sample, below.

Express gratitude

You have to profusely thank the employer for giving you this opportunity. This shows your willingness towards accepting the job role offered. Even if you have a long time before you join, you need to establish a connection through this email. The thanking part stays put even if you aren’t accepting the offer because the opportunity was still given to you. The gratitude show should be genuine and not too over-the-top. Keep it simple and sweet.

Confirm job details

The acceptance email means you’re agreeing to everything the employer has mentioned in their offer letter, like your final salary, your designation, the benefits and perks. Don’t forget to mention the start date or agree to the one they’ve mentioned. It’s best you put everything down again in your acceptance email so there is no ambiguity or any misunderstanding. Once you accept something formally over email, it’s difficult to contest it later. If you have any doubts or concerns, get on a call with the employer or clear it out on email before you give your consent.


This is a crucial step before you send in the acceptance email. Most importantly, make sure the language of the letter is professional and formal. The employers cannot be spoken to like your peers, or cannot be addressed like your friends. Avoid using colored text, large font sizes, unnecessary underlining and bold text, or even emojis. Double-check all the information you’ve entered regarding your salary figures and other job-related details. The grammar should be impeccable and there should not be absolutely any spell errors.

Here’s a sample of how the job acceptance email should look like:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to profusely thank you for the job role of (designation) that has been offered to me. It makes me more than happy to accept this job offer and I really look forward to working with (Company’s name). Please consider this email as my formal acceptance letter.

I agree to the below terms, as discussed:
1. CTC of INR ****** per annum

2. Start date of 9th November, 20xx

3. Job title of…….

4. Benefits and Perks. Although, I would like to bring to your notice that I do have doubts regarding the other benefits such as insurance and medical claim. Request you to brief me on the same.

I am fine with the rest of the terms and policies of your company.

I have already sent all the necessary documents previously via email and I believe that no paperwork is pending from my side. If there is any document remaining, please let me know. Also, do let me know the joining pre-requisites if any.


(First Name Last Name)

Phone number