Graduation time is just around the corner and now is the time to prepare your resume and keep it ready for placements.  With not much job experience to show off, you might wonder what is your strong point to show in your resume. It is all the projects you have done during the course of your academic years that will give the employers a fair idea about the work you will be capable of doing. It is the project details in resume, that when showcased, will capture the attention of employers and help your resume get picked.

Why Project Description In Resume are Important:

  • It establishes you as a successful professional in your field.
  • It shows a proven track record of success.
  • It allows potential employers to mentally insert you into a position that requires a similar skill set.
  • It showcases your leadership skills and initiative.

Let’s have a look at how to write a project description in resume for freshers.

1. Highlight the goal

When writing a project description in resume, make sure the goal of your project is clear. What is it that had to be done in the project?

Provide a background of the project and describe it briefly, writing about the timeline--when it started and when it will end. You can talk about the scope of the project in the industry today, and all other details like how many team members were involved, the budget needed, etc. Talk about who did you do the project with, and highlight key members with designations.

For example: Led a team of 4 and was instrumental in successfully completing “project name” and “project goals, objectives, timeline, budget”. Collaborated with the Marketing head and Program Supervisor from ABC company.

2. Highlight your skills and achievements

Your skills and achievements showcase your strengths and abilities in the resume. Only when you quantify and mention them, will the employer know how much you can contribute to the organisation. Of course, when you’re experienced, you can add a separate skills and achievements section, but since you’re a fresher, your project work will speak for itself. Speak about any new skills or software you learnt to perform the project responsibilities and talk about the various job responsibilities you handled.

For example: Designed an algorithm for ATM transactions within the stipulated time. Used and applied C++ and ReactJs as well as programming skills to create and test the algorithm. Worked with a 3-member research team for accomplishing the same.

3. Quantify your results

Your results should show in your description. Writing about the project objective and your skills isn’t enough. You need to talk about how the project ended up happening. Remember, be sure to quantify your accomplishment and not just talk about the whole project process. The more an employer understands ‘how much’ this project has given you, he may be able to gauge your capabilities better.

For example: Got awarded with the ‘best salesperson of the week award, consecutively for 4 weeks out of 6.’ Responsible for increasing sales by 15% by implementing fresh sales strategies.

Projects description  in resume establishes you as a working professional in the eyes of the employer. It also helps them categorise you into a particular skill set. In addition to including projects in your resume, reference them in your cover letter and be prepared to discuss them in-depth during an interview process as well.

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