An HR interview could be the most fun or even the most terrifying, based on the answers you give.

But why worry, when you can go prepared with all the answers?

That’s exactly what we are here to do.

To help you understand what ensues in a digital marketing interview’s HR round, and to encourage you to prepare well for it. Mostly you will be asked behavioral questions, and not too many technical ones.

Let’s dive into some Q&As.

Why digital marketing?

Try to come up with an honest answer to this question.

What attracted you to this field?

Was it the pay, job opportunities, or the trend?

This question is actually to gauge how much you know about this industry, and how much you are willing to slog it out. You need to show commitment to this field when you answer. Speak about a few campaigns that interested you or a job opening that made you jot down goals, etc.

How has your degree helped in digital marketing?

Now, this could be a trick question, as many candidates rarely come with a qualification of digital marketing. They have a business or engineering degree to their names but are really keen on entering this field.

In this case, how you can answer is--apply your soft skills’ knowledge like communication, team building, critical thinking, etc. and convince the employer how well suited you are for this job. For students having done a DM course, they can speak about their real-time projects.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

A tricky question at that, and don’t dwindle at this one. The hiring manager needs to see through your vision and commitment to this field. You cannot simply say, traveling solo or being a politician, etc.

You need to show that your passion is aligned with your career plan. Focus on the job profile you have applied to, focus on your strengths and keep your professional goals clear.

Being in digital marketing, you are supposed to be very updated, since the field itself is very dynamic. You can keep yourself updated by frequently reading the news, subscribing to newsletters, webinars, blogs, and podcasts. Quote a fact or two that have recently taken place, and you will charm the interviewer, no doubt.

Rate yourself based on 1 to 10 based on DM knowledge

This is an indirect way to check your strengths and weaknesses. Be careful while answering this question. Don’t oversell or undersell yourself.

Be aware of how much you know and how much you are willing to learn. The interviewer just needs to check if you are aware of your skills and where you stand.

Which tasks do you prefer the most in this field?

This is also a challenging question asked to check what you think about yourself and how much capability you have. Although, you can talk about the specific interests you have in this field, make sure you only don’t talk about easy tasks.

Also, talk about a few challenging tasks which you would not mind learning and taking up.

We hope you learnt something from this blog post.

Good luck on your interview!