As the year 2019 is coming to an end. We believe that Self-reflection is vital if you want to live your life by design. Just as you should review each day, week, and month, at the end of each year you should set aside a block of time to review the year and reflect on it. One of the best ways to review your year is by asking yourself questions. Below is our conversation with coach Vipin Hatmode who is an alumnus from IIM, Bangalore and currently working as Lead Customer Marketer at -

BI: The most important goal that I achieved this year was:
VH: Doing the work which I like and passionate about.

BI: My biggest career accomplishment was:
VH: Setting up businesses from scratch and building performing teams

BI: These are the skills I acquired this year:
VH: Team management, Product development

BI: This year, I learned the following about myself:
VH: That I like to be in a business that gives me a clean slate to think and create from scratch.

BI: A big mistake that I made this year —and the lesson that I learned as a result—was:
VH: Set your personal life first as this will then act of your source of energy to drive you professionally

BI: Here’s something I learned about being a career coach:
VH: Understanding a student's perspective as to why they think what they think and enthusiasm to constantly question the status quo.

BI: What is the best-case scenario for next year?
VH: Best case scenario for next year is to have an awesome personal life and do more projects which I'm passionate about

BI: My biggest regret of the year was:
VH: Not planning transitions well

BI: What I am most grateful for this year is:
VH: My mentors

BI: I adopted this new positive habit:
VH: Looking at a silver lining in everything

BI: I dropped this negative habit:
VH: Of doubting my capabilities

BI: If I could travel back to the beginning of the year, here’s some advice I would give myself:
VH: I would have taken time to think and plan every detail before acting. So think and plan well before actions.