By - Atyab Alam, Board Infinity Alumni

Atyab is a BTech in Electronics and Communications graduate from ITM University, Gwalior. Having worked for more than a year as a Software Testing Engineer, he decided to switch his career to Data Science. He is successfully placed at HCL as a Data Analyst now. Read about his journey.

Early Career Journey

My name is Atyab Alam and I am from Muzaffarpur. In 2014, I attended ITM University Gwalior to study Electronics & Communications after completing my schooling here. I worked as a third-party Software Testing Engineer at Oppo in Gurgaon after graduating from college.

When the COVID-19 pandemic was imposed last year, I had to leave my job and return home. The policy of my company was to only work from within the NCR region. So, I left my job to spend time with my family in these difficult times.

During my time at home, I began searching for the most trending jobs online, which is how I came across Data Science. Although I was employed as a Software Testing Engineer, I did encounter SQL and Excel in some aspects of the work I did. I was intrigued by these subjects. My research into the field led me to discover that Data Science is a high-growth area that has many opportunities in India.

In India, electronics manufacturing is still a laggard, so designers who want to work in this area have limited prospects. Therefore, even though a career transition is a bold move, I decided to give it a shot!

My Experience with Board Infinity

I discovered Board Infinity on Instagram and decided to enroll in the Data Science course after reading the syllabus. On the internet, you can find many free courses that teach the basics. It was the ability to seek help if I got stuck that made me choose a paid course. This option is not available in free courses!

Board Infinity was a wonderful experience! I am extremely grateful to my coaches and program manager for helping me through this course.

I learned what I needed to know and became job-ready because of this course!

I really enjoyed taking the Tableau and Power BI classes - both have to do with data visualization. This course allowed me to enhance my comprehensive knowledge of Python, SQL, and Excel, even though I had some basic knowledge.

I really appreciate the support I received from my program managers. Whenever there has been an issue, they have always helped. It is also very easy to reach the co-founders in the case of a problem. My smooth journey here has been influenced by these experiences.

My Placement Journey

To apply for my placements, Virmeet, my program manager, used to constantly send me company links. HCL was one of those companies. One round of interviews consisted of a standard discussion, the other of a video interview. Through Syeda Ma'am's guidance in our 1:1 sessions, I was able to answer the high-level questions my employer asked of me. I have been offered a position as a Data Analyst with HCL, and I look forward to exploring the field.

Right now, my only concern is delivering my best work as a Data Analyst. So much still needs to be learned, and I'm eager to soak up every bit of it.

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