Attending career coaching and mock interview drills can help students make interview ready. It is imperative for a student point of to learn certain skills before attending campus placements. Most important thing is one should feel comfort and confident while attending interview considering the importance of campus placements. Learning certain skills from industry experts are more meaningful and open new possibilities for the aspiring students. Candidates are expected to demonstrate qualities such as “positive attitude, aggressiveness, result oriented, resourceful, dependable and strong pursuit of excellence”. Mock drills and career coaching helps aspirants to land up in a dream job. Industry experts help students learn with live examples and that makes worthy learning.

One can also learn these skills from peer group discussions. Participating in group discussions and debates can support learning opportunities. Reading business magazines and business chronicles can enhance overall business terminology and grip over current affairs of an aspirant. Students can get value addition from industry experts to gain the real time experience. I strongly recommend speaking with as many seniors as possible from the industry to hone the skills. Mock interviews with seniors can test aspirants in real team environment to great extent. Students can learn from the feedback provided by mock interviewer and thus opens new window for learning.

Students quite often tend to look for reasons to answer a question in the interview, but interviewer expects candidates ability to find results in an unfavorable conditions. Simple things make difference on the final result and “doing simple things better is crucial” from an aspirant point of view. Aspirants can pick the terminology used by the industry experts thus one can answer in the language interviewer expects.

Benefits of interview coaching and mock interview are “value addition to the armory, demonstrate the language used in the industry, understand the industry expectation, identifying area of improvement, helps listening abilities and prepare for the unknown”. Above all, mock drills help aspirants feel good and keep them in positive state of mind for the interview. Win your own mind first to win the outside world.

Written by — Sivaiah Kota, Board Infinity Coach
Coach Sivaiah is working as Head Distribution and Sales Support at Natural Remedies Private Ltd. He has commendable experience in demand planning, Rolling Sales Plan (RSP), Forecasting, Seasonal Trend Analysis, Distribution, CFA operations, Sales operations, SAP- SD, S&OP Forecasting, BIBO, MM.

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