By - Ujjwal Prakash, Board Infinity Alumni


My Background

Today I want to tell you a bit about my career journey…

Hopefully, you will get value from it.

So, my journey starts after my 12th, when I decided to go for a B.Tech in Computer Science.

During my 8th semester, I choose Big Data, Cloud Computing & Analytics as my electives. This is when my interest in data science starts developing. Especially in this age, Data is the new science and it can give you a lot of insights that aren’t visible to the naked eye, the whole concept was pretty surreal to me.

After completing my graduation in Computer Science I got placed at a web development firm in Delhi. I’m not the best coder, so I didn’t really see myself doing web development for a very long time.

I believe it’s important to continuously grow and learn, but after working there for 3 months I started to notice that I wasn’t really growing. My work had a particular structure to it, the clients used to change, but the work would almost be the same. The work and projects got very redundant after doing it a few times.

During this period, I was also doing a 3-month certification course in Business Analytics.

Soon, I got a 6-month internship opportunity at Oyo rooms.

I couldn’t believe it. I was getting a chance to work with the Startup unicorn. Who would not want to work for them?

Anyways, I grabbed the opportunity as soon as possible. After working at Oyo rooms & coming into the field of analytics, I felt like I was always working on something new. Every day I was working with different technologies & would be exposed to new opportunities.

I’ve been working at Oyo Rooms for the past 2 years. Now, I want to grow my career in the area of data science.

Experience at Board Infinity

This decision of moving my career up the ladder led me to join Board Infinity.

It’s been 2 months and I’ve been loving my experience at Board Infinity. Live classes & webinars help a lot in gaining deeper insights with the data. The quizzes, assignments, projects also help a lot to get hands-on experience with the technologies.

At Board Infinity, the curriculum is structured in such a way that the focus is more on getting practical experience & hands-on learning. I’m not implying that the theoretical topics are not covered in-depth (quite the opposite actually), but the main focus is always on getting hands-on learning experience through quizzes, assignments & projects. Students are also encouraged to work on case studies from Kaggle & GitHub.

The coaches are always pushing us to explore the field on our own & they are always there to guide us in the right direction. They pay huge attention to the skills that we’re learning inside the course, instead of just the theory.

In my opinion, this kind of teaching is very fruitful. It allows the students to gain a lot of practical experience and technical fluency before diving into the corporate industry.

Finally, I would like to recommend you to check out Board Infinity. Even if you’re not at a position where you can enroll in their job assured learning paths, you should definitely check out their FREE webinars & courses. They put out a ton of valuable content and I’ve learned a lot in the past 2 months.

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