You’ve crossed the milestone of resume scanning and now you’re called for an interview! Finally, it’s time for a face to face interaction. It’s taken hard work and a lot of persistence to get where you have gotten to be. Feels great, doesn’t it? Once you’re all ready and geared up, there are some prerequisites you need to take care of. Let’s look at a list of all the interview tips!

Get The Dress Code Right

Before you choose your interview outfit, be sure to research about the organization you’re going to, and check for the appropriate dress code. It’s always a great thing to do. Instead of ending up wearing something too casual or too formal, you can cross check and then decide. It also makes sense to consider the role you’re interviewing for. If it’s a corporate position, you need to wear very formal attire, and for a role that’s less corporate in nature, you can opt for semi-formal wear.

Resume Copies

It’s important you keep hard copies of your resume to hand out to anyone who asks in the company. It’s possible the receptionist, the HR and the technical round person will need separate copies. Keeping at least 3 to 5 printed copies of your resume is a must. Keep them in a plastic folder where they don’t bend or have wrinkles.

Carry Writing Material

In order to take notes, or to take down important role related points you’ll need a pen and a paper. Carry them without fail. Those points could later be used in the follow-up mail or even used as a reference for future references.

Do You Have Questions?

It’s important you also write down some questions you want to ask, beforehand. It’s always good that you write them down ahead of time because it ensures you’ll not forget to ask about them and also makes you look well researched.

Carry References List

Generally, interviewers don’t ask for a list of references on the same day. If you clear the interview, they request a list of references to proceed with the pre-joining formalities. The contacts you provide as references should be ones who can vouch for your professional abilities and achievements. Don’t list family members or friends.

Breath Refreshments

Be sure to carry some cool mints to pop into your mouth.  Stress causes physiological bad breath, says a study. Refrain from overthinking or resorting to nervousness, which will, in turn, reflect on your breath. You can also carry a toothbrush and toothpaste, whatever makes you feel clean and confident.