“Do you have any questions?”, is the question asked towards the end of every interview, and almost all candidates let go of this opportunity to make conversation and learn more about work culture and the growth opportunities. You should show an enthusiasm to question the recruiter back as well, as this shows you have a genuine interest in the job and the company. We have compiled a list of few questions to ask an interviewer, you can prepare beforehand and ask the recruiter.

1.    How will a day in this company look like?

This is basically you asking the hiring manager how will the day to day responsibilities of you and your team look like in this job position. This is an important question to ask, as the answer will help you decide if you want to take up this job or not.

2.  What challenges does this role entail?

You need to know in and out about your job role, and this question will help you tackle the part at the beginning itself. You want clarity on the job position about why would it be tough or what can be done. Getting this picture of the potential challenges will help you get a holistic view of the entire proposition.

3.  How would performance be graded or measured?

Now you will have to put this question across very tactfully. One, you want to know when does the company do its appraisals based on performance. Two, you want to know how to succeed in this job or know the levels of development you’ll need to achieve. The answer to this question will help you understand how you need to grow and upgrade your skills in order to get a promotion.

4.  How can I succeed in this role?

This question will help you understand the recruiter’s expectations about the qualities and skill sets they’re looking in a candidate. It can help you align your goals in your job.

5.  Why do you like working here?

This would be a question based on a personal level where you’ll be asking a fellow human to a human, about his/her experience in the company. It’s a casual way of knowing how the company treats all its employees and whether you would fit in or not.

If you don’t ask any questions to the interviewer, it’s alright but there is a chance that you may come across as being disinterested or unprepared. Make a note of these questions and add more if you want to know about company history or competition, and accordingly prepare and conquer!

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