Resumes are the first impression of any candidate on campus.

Ina typical Indian market scene, where in there is less diversity and majority of the students come with a similar background like engineering, it becomes extremely difficult to differentiate yourself from others. Think of it from a recruiter’s point of view who has multiple resumes to review and it is humanly not possible to go through each resume carefully. This is when eye catching aspects of your resume should be highlighted to give you a platform of a personal interview. Parameters like percentage during education is no more an eye catching factor as with the changing business environment and increase in the start-up culture , organisations are looking for students who have much more than just conceptual knowledge ( read: bookish ). With this fast paced and evolving environment, employees are expected to scale up and demonstrate abilities like decision making, risk taking and entrepreneurship to name a few. As a student, one should leverage the resume to show any incident wherein they have been exposed to these abilities. Board Infinity is a great platform to help students review their resumes from experienced mentors and also experience a mock interviews which prepares you for a real time scenario. A lot of colleges in India today have still not understood the power of a strong resume which Board Infinity is stepping in wonderfully to bring the value addition!

Written by — Isheta Mishra, Board Infinity Coach

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