A resume becomes very important at every stage of a job change, be it your first or fifth. Editing it each time becomes very important. Of the dozens of resumes that the recruiters receive, only a few manage to grab the attention because they are succinct and concise. Read about 50 power words to use in your resume, here. Here are some secrets to sell yourself in your resume and make your mark in the recruiter’s eyes.

Speak in Numbers
Quantify your achievements and show your efforts and results in numbers. One, they’re much easier to read and understand and two, they clearly make your experience measurable. This will help your resume stand out to hiring managers. The numbers speak for themselves and you need not write or elaborate more. Numbers showing performance and growth are conversation starters and can act as proof of your ability to get the job done.

Show Your Interests
Towards the end of people’s resumes, they mention their interests like watching movies, singing or travelling etc. How commonly used are these interests (of course, these are things everyone does)! The trick here is to mention your interests in a more personal way which can strike a chord with the recruiter, spark his interest or make him want to initiate a conversation with you. You can be very specific like, ‘Lata Mangeshkar fan’, ‘subscriber to Lonely Planet India’, or even ‘Christopher Nolan movies’.

Show Your Competency
Now you must have come 7th in your university, or gotten selected for an inside-office reward scheme or might have been accepted into some honorary scholarship etc. Everyone has some or the other impressive achievements to showcase to the recruiter. Now, how well can you do this? By showing your competency or in other words, highlighting the competition. How many others were competing for the same position or reward? How many did you successfully cross to achieve what you did? That proof can emphasize how coveted your accomplishments are. This shows the recruiter your credibility and your success rate.

Show Authority
Big brands work. Be it in advertisements or in landing a job. Conveying authority is going to let you influence the hiring manager. Associate yourself with the popular big names to build some credibility. If your previous experience has involved any collaboration with big companies, then great for you. Otherwise, look up opportunities to mention any and every connection your job or company had with the bigger Fortune 500 companies. For instance, you attended any seminar/ workshop hosted by them, or you were featured as a guest writer or contributor somewhere, or even if you’re working in a startup then find out who the venture capitalists were. You never know where you find a connection. If you’re still a college student, then nothing like it. You can do internships in these Fortune 500 companies or even become a campus ambassador for
their company.