Coach Aiman Faraz is a Senior Associate currently working in the FinTech & Innovation Strategy practice at PwC. He is passionate about working with upcoming FinTech startups to co-create propositions that can disrupt the industry & is an avid gamer that enjoys FPS games in his leisure time.

We're proud to have him as a career coach, and below are the mindful answers to questions asked by us.

BI: Things you love the most about your job?
AF: Everyday presents a new opportunity!

BI: Your favorite books/films/documentaries?
AF: The Goal, Witcher series, Batman movies.

BI: Who is your mentor and the best piece of advice given by her/him?
AF: Hemant, an ex-boss - “Always value your own time and learn to say no.”

BI: What dreams and goals inspired you to succeed?
AF: A house in the hills for a comfortable retirement at the age of 40.

BI: Which things should change in the Industry you're working in?
AF: Skewed incentive structures that focus on exploiting entry level resources.

BI: How do you keep a work-life balance?
AF: If you enjoy your work, there is always a balance.

BI: How did you get your start?
AF: By delivering an interesting elevator pitch.

BI: What is your “Secret Sauce”?
AF: I build teams with people I can trust and delegate without fear.

BI: What advice you would give to a larger group of people?
AF: Believe in yourself, but always have a plan B!