Thinking of becoming a successful digital marketer?

In order to become that, one needs to have a specific set of digital marketing skills and qualities. Your skillset decides the fate of your job interview. Nowadays, soft skills and attitude are given more importance than the technical skill itself. There are some desirable traits which companies look for in potential digital marketing candidates.

Let’s have a look at what they are.


Creativity is always a pivotal trait to possess in marketing. The marketing industry thrives on creative ideas and inputs to impress the clients and get more business. An ideal digital marketer is thus expected to be highly creative and spontaneous with their ideas and should be able to come up with something different and relevant every other time. Moreover, being creative and innovative helps in transforming opportunities into long-lasting relationships.


The digital world is evolving by the second and so is the media. Changes and updates are fast-paced and one needs to be on their toes to keep up. Digital marketers are expected to be adapting to these changes and showing a ready willingness to do so. He is expected to stay abreast of the latest technologies, opportunities and trends in the market every time. Success is only achieved if the digital marketer always strives to push out of his comfort zone and refuses to be stagnant.


Having creative inputs and ideas is one thing but being able to communicate them effectively is another. A digital marketer has to communicate with various stakeholders of the business and hence needs to be confident and able to put forth the points very clearly. The expression of ideas needs to resonate with the business’ objective and should appeal to the consumers as well. The ability to present strategies and ideas with confidence is an absolutely priceless trait. Communication is also about building relationships and being approachable so that work productivity is enhanced.


A digital marketer’s day to day job involves looking at a lot of numbers and processing a lot of information which involves multiple stakeholders. This requires meticulousness. There needs to be a love for data and love for details. Only if he understands the information can he strategise accordingly and hence meet his targets. He handles multiple clients and multiple budgets; therefore he is expected to be precise and accurate with his output.


A successful digital marketer possesses the ability to analyse human behaviour. This is particularly important to understand the buyer persona which will in-turn help him to communicate the brand message accurately. Understanding of the consumer’s likes, interests and behaviour help the digital marketer create tailored campaigns according to the section of people identified as per geography, demography, needs, etc. The marketing messages are created as per consumer profile so as to increase engagement. Thus, the need to understand humans and their online behaviour is a must.

If you have the above skills, then you will easily fit into digital marketing. Although, professional training in technical skills is a must too. You can check out our Digital Marketing Learning Path which gives you the opportunity to learn and become an expert digital marketer.

Wanna know how the day of a Digital Marketer looks like? Watch this video to know!

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