Every job seeker wants to make a good impression on the recruiter and display all their skills on the shelf.

But the question is: are recruiters really interested in knowing all the skills you have? And if so, what are the basic skills for resume?

If you think that including all your skills is what makes a resume strong, think again.

There are certain things that are better left out of the resume, if you want to make it perfect. Here are all the skills that you should never include in your resume!

The irrelevant skills

Irrelevant skills top the list of things you should not include in resume. These skills are those that are not related to the job and recruiters are least interested in knowing these.

The basic skills

We live in the 21st century where everyone knows how to use Microsoft Office! Including skills like ‘Microsoft office’ will get you nowhere. It will just make your resume lengthy.

Other basic skills that you should avoid including are: reading, writing, emailing, etc.

Language proficiency skills

If you studied a language up until high school and do not remember or use it now, what’s the point in mentioning it on your resume?

Include the languages which you are actually fluent in and have studied on a professional level.

Skills that are long forgotten

Technology is forever changing and as new things are introduced to the market, the old ones become useless.

Mentioning that you are skilled in a technology which is no longer in use will make recruiters think that you do not have what the current market demands!

Skills mentioned in the job description

It is true that you need to have the skills that the job demands. But mentioning the exact same skills in the exact same way as written on the job description gives recruiters a false outlook of you.

Learn to put across your skills in a subtle manner instead.

Clichéd skills

“Team player”, “Communication skills”, “Self-motivated” and more such clichéd skills should be strictly avoided.

Indicate that you have these skills by including experiences or achievements which required such skills.


Cramming skills in your one page resume is not a good practice. Learn to let go of irrelevant things and you will be able to create the perfect resume without any problem!

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