By - Mukul Gupta, Board Infinity Alumni

Professional Journey

I am from Jammu and Kashmir. I did my schooling from KC Public School and completed my BTech from Yogananda College of Engineering and Technology. My father is a businessman and my mother is a housewife and we have a joint family.

One of my great personality traits is that I have acquired a leadership quality. In the future, I am confident that I will be able to handle and manage a team. Along with that, I am extremely friendly by nature and I do not distinguish between who is small and who is big. In my free time, I like to indulge in professional editing.

Experience at Board Infinity

One year back when the pandemic hit was when I realised I wanted to take up data science. I did not get the best platform to learn this course from. I tried YouTube and looking at various other sites but none helped. After enrolling with Board Infinity, is when I got the knowledge that I was looking for in the field of data science.

As you know data is everywhere. One plays with data, visualises the data. Different minds have different perspectives and that excited me to take data science as a career. In addition to that, the scope and high demand for analysts in this field made me pursue and take up this course.

When I completed my graduation, I started my pursuit of looking for a job in New Delhi. At that time, around 5–6 companies rejected me and it was extremely difficult to get a job. That was one of the low-points in my career. But I never lost hope and worked hard and eventually got a job.

When I started this data science course, I thought that this course is uninteresting but as the course went along, I started to enjoy it and somewhere had the feeling that this course is going to change my life. I had a great experience learning SQL, which I never learnt during my college years.

All the coaches for each and every subject — be it Excel, Machine Learning and Python — were extremely helpful. The coach Syeda Fatima who took up mock interviews helped me a lot and always motivated me. She helped me set goals and helped me reach them as well.

Placement Process

Talking about placements, the entire process was really smooth as I got many opportunities at several companies. My preference was to get a job in New Delhi where I live. My program manager helped arrange interviews in the cities that I wanted a job in.

The first round was personal information, the second round was aptitude based followed by a technical round and then finally the HR round. The interview was not easy and I found the difficulty to be at an intermediate level. There were technical questions that were thrown at me as well and I answered them successfully.

I am now placed with Glossaread as a data analyst. My job role is to maintain the data set, make a visualization on data and then predict how that data will benefit customers. To all the learners out there, if you really dedicate yourself and put the effort, you will definitely be rewarded with a successful job and a career. Thanks Board Infinity for providing the best data science course and I’d recommend this course to anyone looking to learn data science and gain placement assistance.

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