Be it a techie or a digital marketing enthusiast, if one is not skilled enough, the chances of landing a job are close to negligible.

Recently a study concluded that weak soft skills is a major barrier in an individual's professional as well as personal growth. Having a list of Soft skills is the core ingredient for success in any field.

An article in Deccan Herald says, that the industry estimates suggest that 91% of employers cited a lack of soft skills among candidates, as a major challenge, while 80% of companies are struggling to find candidates with better non-technical skills in the market.

So what are the types of soft skills that a fresher must-have?

Let’s have a look at the list of soft skills.


Being a good listener is very important for effective communication in the workplace. If you don’t listen effectively, then there are big chances of getting misunderstood, and chances of mistakes happening.

To improve listening skills, learn to ask questions, make eye contact, remember past conversations, nod when you are listening, etc. All of this will help you to be responsive and empathetic.

Critical Thinking

It is the ability to think clearly and rationally about what is to be done in a problematic situation. With AI and technology coming in, no matter what the experts say, the human mind perceives many more such factors than the machine.

Give your brain some exercise and think of solutions to problems without having to rely on external tools or search engines. This will help sharpen your thinking skills, as well as, your non technical skills.


Also known as team work... This is the skill when developed, will help you work efficiently in a team, and will help you engage with others to create or produce something.

Employers dig for this skill in freshers. They don’t want people who work single-handedly, rather, they want people having team skills.

You need to hold cross-functional knowledge and skills to grow in an organization. To improve collaboration skills, build trust and maintain it, be open to change and criticism, mentally prepare yourself to work with many people, etc.


Often, all problems need are some out-of-the-box solutions. It sometimes involves looking at familiar things with a fresh perspective. Creativity can get rid of mundaneness. Of course, you can develop and manage creativity.

You first need to build curiosity, and ask the ‘why’ and ‘what’ questions, time and again. Once you ask the right questions, you will automatically build creativity.

People Management

The ability to manage a team is very essential to the success of the organization and its business objectives. Such is the world today, that we prefer to talk everything over text than make a phone call or a face-to-face meeting.

Thus, communicating with the team members and getting the work done, is a very essential soft skill to develop.

Organize yourself, create goals, learn how to listen effectively, keep a good rapport with your team, keep everybody involved--these are some ways to build and improve this skill.


Change is the new constant, and with the advancing technology and times, you need to have a do-or-die attitude. If you feel there is something you cannot do, and if you lose hope, then you will become irrelevant. You need to be agile, and ready to adapt and willing to learn anything new that is thrown at you.

Bonus video for our Data Science Learners!

All these soft skills are very important to help you become a successful data scientist and a digital marketer. These skills are essential for the smooth functioning of the processes.

Learn these non technical skills, and you'll never run out of job opportunities!