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Web development refers to developing websites for the internet using Python, JavaScript, etc. It involves Full Stack Development - both back-end and front-end development.

redux: pros and cons

Working with Redux: Pros and Cons Members Public

Today, over 2159 companies actively use Redux, including Amazon, Instagram, and Robinhood. Redux is an open-source state management library widely used for JavaScript applications. In layman’s terms, it is a sort of a pattern that helps manage and update the application state using simple events named ‘actions’. Developed by

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Full Stack Development Column

20 Web Development Project Ideas for Starters Members Public

A web project is a process of developing and creating a website, activities in a network that are aimed at defining a goal. The end goal here is the transfer of static and dynamic content to be delivered to end-users. Web Development Projects For Beginners As a beginner, it can

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Full stack development

Top 10 Programming Languages of the Future Members Public

Introduction With over 700 programming languages available in the world, one can get confused on deciding what programming languages to learn. Over the years, even with the increasing competition among different programming languages, a few languages stood out from the competition. These languages are not only relevant today but also

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Booming Career Options After Engineering Members Public

Engineering graduates are analytical, logical, and can think clearly. They have the ability to take on a lot at once and are capable of putting in a lot of hours. All these abilities make them eligible for a lot of booming career options. With the automobile, IT/ITes, and internet

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