Nearby Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Fintech Company led by a team of professionals with experience in Digital Banking & Payments industry. The team works on deep insights and understanding of payment and transaction technology space.

With B2B2C model they partner with neighbourhood retail stores who can offer Assisted Digital Financial Services like Aadhaar ATM, SMS Payment, Khata Service, Utility Payment, Prepaid Cards, Mutual Funds & Insurance, Money Transfer, Hyperlocal Services and payment services like Bharat QR and UPI using the PayNearby App. The innovative solutions are modeled to make the financial transactions seamless, quick, easy and strives to empower their retailer partners.

Geetanjali Prasad is a seasoned analytics professional with over 4 yrs of experience. Currently, she is working as a Manager of Analytics at Nearby Technologies.  At Nearby Technologies she have set up the entire Data science practice from scratch (from setting up servers and big data infra to recruitment) and, driven product growth by effective retention strategies using advanced ML. The field of analytics is a passion for her.

  1. What are the challenges faced when hiring an entry level talent in analytics?
    Finding the right talent is a challenge. Interview process is not an easy task. Candidates are not able to justify their skills and their resume. Sometimes even resumes are not properly made which disappoints us. The other challenge is in terms of location preference. Many of the candidates are not flexible to relocate to Mumbai. When we look for hiring a data analyst/scientist we expect them to have basics of technical know-how which is missing in most of the cases.
  2. What are your expectations in terms of hard and soft skills?
    We look for people who have good knowledge of R, Python, SQL, how to manipulate data, basic modeling techniques.
  3. What is your entry level talent hiring strategy?
    We generally hire from engineering campuses. Also we get good bunch of people from LinkedIn. We have certain tie-ups with consultancies too. The hiring is done throughout the year. We even hire non engineers, having management or economic background who are good at statistics and mathematics.
  4. Do online courses and certifications help to get hired easily?
    They do help in some cases. It all depends on the individual. If he or she is able to justify what they have learnt that becomes valuable. Learning just for the sake of getting a certificate is just a waste of time and resources.
  5. Any interesting projects happening in your company?
    We have a good amount of projects. One of them is Customer Attrition Prediction. This model predicts when a customer will leave and within how many days. Variables are inputted which helps identify how much money is being invested, check the growth and, also prepare before the attrition happens.