When I began mentoring, the first and foremost thought that came to mind was “If only, I had got such an opportunity for interacting with an Industry expert during my student days, what difference it could have made to some of the decisions I had taken or fast-track my learning curve”. As a coach, I believe the responsibility lies in sharing your experience & helping provide guidance, thereby allowing the mentee to understand the industry scenario, prep for the interview and decide on the career path as per their strength & choice.
It is indeed a great initiative by Board Infinity to provide a platform where there can be a confluence of minds from two ends of the spectrum (academia & industry) which are so closely interlinked & powers the economic flywheel. The best part about the interactions is when the students try to pick your brain on what you thought about their answers, on their articulation and their choice of a career path which augments to their strengths. This echoes some of the questions that I had whilst preparing for my interviews and deciding on the career path and it also gives a sense of empowerment to answer these question in a retrospective manner.
In terms of the platform itself, it has created enough tools for seamless interaction and has the potential to become de facto destination for the industry entrants to gain perspective & empower them for their career journey. The team itself is vibrant, ever supportive & always on the lookout for new ideas which is a powerful combination for success. From a personal self, this opportunity has given me a sense of giving back to society as well as helping shape the way for aspirational students, which is a euphoria itself. The journey has just begun!

Written by - Coach Jagadeesh G
Coach Jagadeesh has 9 years of diverse background experience in Business Development, Product & Program Management, Marketing Communication & Management Consulting spanning across FinTech, Payments, Ecommerce & Retail, IT and Insurance Domain. Guidance and advice given by coach Jagadeesh are actionable and realistic, which helps learners build a strong career. If you need career help fill this form.