What is Big Data and why it matters

Huge information alludes to the enormous, different arrangements of data that develop at always expanding rates. It includes the volume of data, the speed or rate at which it is made and gathered, and the assortment or extent of the information focus being covered.

Big Data, in simple terms, is huge volumes of information and this can be further divided into two categories: unstructured and structured data.

Organized information, also known as structured data,  comprises data that is in direct control and is managed by the organization their databases, bookkeeping pages, and software like spreadsheets; it is often numeric in nature. Unstructured information, also known as unstructured data, will be data that is disorderly and doesn't fall into a foreordained model or arrangement.

It incorporates information assembled from online media sources, which helps establishments accumulate data on client needs.

An upsurge in data

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, an average person is sending out nearly four times more data on the Internet than before, solely because he is spending more time on the electronic devices which constantly track their users and collect data. This data is adding value to domains like Big Data, Data Science, and many other tech areas.

A lot of firms have started to treat data as an important criterion when making key decisions that impact businesses and consumers. Big Data is an important area that helps organizations manage their operations, marketing campaigns, customer service, and many such sectors that improve revenues, lives and aid in making better decisions.

According to the latest reports released by Burning Glass’ Nova platform, Data Engineer jobs rank at the top in the technology sector, with a whopping record of an 88.3% increase in job postings in just a matter of twelve months. Big Data Engineers and Data Scientists, both have an extremely important role to play in a company and advise businesses based on data. They are given equal importance in a company.

Unfathomable numbers

If we consider numbers, Google gets over 3.5 billion searches every day, which means millions of searches every single second. Most of this data resides on servers and are constantly being worked upon by Data Scientists, Analysts, Data Engineers, and many other tech geeks only to make things easier and relatable to its users.

The same applies to any other tech giants who have massive data being sent out by their customers. As a matter of fact, 80-90% of the data we give out on the Internet is unstructured.


In short, there is a large amount of data being uploaded all across the world, and there is an acute shortage of skilled Big Data Engineers who can make a tremendous change to the way we see and use things. The size of data, in general, is always increasing at exponential rates and soon data in terabytes and petabytes will be used by an average person.