Every aspiring supply chain management professional across industries is on the look-out for career guidance in its varied forms. These forms include and are not limited to resume vetting, interview preparation, career coaching and mentorship.

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A professional at different stages of his/her career seeks specific and tailored inputs — these stages could be at the beginning of one’s career, at the mid-level or towards the final phase of the corporate journey.

I have always been passionate about career coaching and mentoring. It is in this context that I got the opportunity to join Board Infinity as a career coach. In the last two and a half months or so, I have conducted six sessions — three related to resume vetting and three related to interview preparation.

I have had the privilege of working with the finest minds from reputed B Schools such as IIM Udaipur and IIM Kashipur. It has been a great experience interacting with the students from diverse professional backgrounds and experience levels.

Through every session, my endeavor has been to provide specific feedback and suggestions based on individual profiles and career aspirations. I have always tried to link the resume vetting process with the interview process and vice-versa since they are logically connected.

I have also attempted to provide standard guidelines and tips that will positively impact the candidate’s resume and assist him/her to do well in the placement interviews. Candidate hiring processes have evolved over time just as supply chains have. Interviewers are looking for the right mix of soft skills in addition to functional skills.

Even as I write this piece, the role of technology and its impact on modern supply chains cannot be overstated. Therefore, there is a constant need to continuously learn, un-learn and re-learn.

It gives me immense satisfaction and pride to make a positive impact in a management professional’s career in whatever manner I possibly could. Last but not the least — supply chain management and operations functions are profit centers and not cost centers. Just as other critical functions in an organization, we too play a strategic partnership role in business development and growth.

Thanks to Board Infinity for having given me the opportunity to conduct a webinar with the 2nd year operations batch at IIM Kashipur. I threw light on aspects pertaining to supply chain careers, opportunities, current trends and challenges. It was a fantastic experience.

I wish the team at Board Infinity the very best and would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to contribute through their innovative platform. I am learning and growing as a professional through this wonderful journey.

Written by — Sunil Bharadwaj, Board Infinity Coach

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