Gameberry Labs is building the next-gen social games that aims at bringing people closer. Company has successfully built a global user base for the first two games: Ludo STAR and Parcheesi STAR.

It was founded in Feb 2017, Bangalore. They entered in the World of Gaming with their creative ideas and out of the box thinking. They are working on creative and innovative ideas around mobile games using the latest technologies. In Jan'19 Company has reached 3.5M Daily Active Users.

Sahana HS

I am an MBA graduate from IIM Bangalore with Computer Science engineering background. I worked at Target as a mobile app developer for 3 years and then decided to pursue MBA to widen the scope and skillset. Currently, I am working as a Product Manager at Gameberry Labs. Prior to this ,I worked as an IT Manager in Procter & Gamble bringing changes and transformation in the Product and Services of CRM services.

At Target, I had worked on multiple mobile platforms, developing mobile apps for stores and guest interface. The applications built were mostly hybrid apps that could run on both android and iOS saving around 40% of people hours. I received my Bachelor's degree from R.V College of Engineering, Bangalore.

  1. How did you decide to be in this field?
    I love to deal with customers and with technology products. This is the reason why I am a product manager. I was very excited to get into this field because it is very customer oriented field. You get to know exactly what consumer wants and what their specific requirements. All of this persuaded me to land into this field.
  2. Do you hire entry level talent from management background and engineering background?
    Yes we do hire from both backgrounds.
  3. What are the unique challenges you find when hiring entry level talent in their company?
    Firstly, lack of clarity in resume. Resume needs to be very easy and simple to read. So that it will be easy for recruiters to analyse the resume.
    Secondly, even if the job role is not relevant to the candidate, they still apply for the role. This adds a lot of work on the shoulders of the recruiters. It is really important that students should read the job description properly and apply for the job.
    Thirdly, students are very confused about what they want. Mainly due to lack of guidance to students, their thoughts remain unclear.
  4. Any specific initiatives within the organization to help bridge skill gaps?
    According to me, colleges play a very crucial part in this. They need to keep various guest lectures, different type of seminars, mentor sessions to improve and polish the skillset of students.
  5. How do you currently hire talent at the entry level?
    We have resume portals, referral system to collect resumes of job seekers. This is how process starts with initial screening.
  6. What are your expectations in terms of hard and soft skills from entry level talent?
    Hard skill would be anything which is required for a particular job role. In terms of soft skills, a person needs to be open to learning. I think that is the most important skill anyone can look for. Next, willingness to discuss and interest in giving suggestions or feedbacks. Lastly, they need to be good in networking that will help them learn from peers and people outside.
  7. Do you offer live projects, internships to students?
    Yes, we do offer internships for students through referrals or colleges.