A digital marketing person plays a multi-faceted role and dons multiple digital marketing skills like:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Knowledge of Marketing Automation tools
  • And a lot more

When companies started adopting digital practices, the market was filled with people who promised 2x growth in followers, ranking on the first page of the search engine in 10 days, etc.

Now, how would recruiters identify the few good candidates from the dozens? Here are tips to build your digital marketing resume such, that the recruiter selects you.

Strong Headline

When a recruiter sifts through dozens of resumes, what he notices first and foremost is the resume headline. You need to call out your expertise there itself. You cannot just write your name followed by ‘Digital Marketing’ as a headline and expect it to attract any special attention. The stack of resumes the recruiter is looking at will mostly contain many such headlines.

A headline should be powerful, captivating and should tell your value to the recruiter. For instance, you can make your headline powerful by adding some certifications, like Adwords, Analytics or FB Business along with saying you’re a digital marketing specialist. This adds tremendous value and gives out a very confident vibe.

Detailed Summary

Next up, comes your resume objective or summary. Here, many candidates get lazy and finish the summary off in 2 sentences saying that they’re into digital marketing, and they would love to work for digital marketing projects. This doesn’t make the cut.

Instead, if you could write how long you’ve been in digital marketing, or if you could name the client you did a project with and mention your subject matter expertise, it will tell a story.

If you’re a fresher, you can very well talk about the above from your internship or college projects. The recruiter needs to know your worth in the first part of your resume itself.

Work Experience Phrasing

Everybody has work experience to list down but always opt to ‘phrase’ it out instead of listing it in bullets. Quantify every point with some numbers and make it more readable. Doesn’t ‘managed a team of 3 people’ sound better than ‘managed a team’?

That’s all what makes the difference--how you phrase it. Having a lot of work experience doesn’t matter, it’s how you portray it. Now, if you’ve no work experience then you can always talk about your personal blog, other writings, certifications or projects.

But make sure you tell the recruiter ‘how much’ you did of what, and what that resulted in. Focus on the achievements and not the responsibilities.

Give examples

Listing your skills is also very important. But, add a fresh perspective to it by describing an example which highlights the presence of that skill. It’s easy to list down 10+ skills, but when it comes to backing them up with examples, is when it becomes difficult.

This will ensure the recruiter exactly knows that you actually possess the skills you’re talking about. It increases the impact and narrows down your field of expertise for the recruiter.

Remember that your resume cannot portray you as Jack of all trades and a master of none. You need to specialize your resume and tailor it in such a way that it ensures focus on a few domains in digital marketing.

Follow these tips and you’re on your way to build a stellar resume for digital marketing!