It’s that time of the year which is often referred to as the ‘honeymoon period’ in a b-school tenure. Majority of you would have bagged jobs in your dream companies and suddenly life is less stressful, you feel a lot more control over time. Coursework feels like a breeze and everyone suddenly goes into farewell mode. However, the next few months before you join your new job become very critical to build a good foundation that can set you up in your professional career and personal life. If we think that we can pick these up once we start working, more often than not that doesn’t happen. Work generally gets very demanding with each of us chasing our targets and preparing for our regular weekly reviews. Here are some things that you can invest in which will definitely hold you in good stead for the future

Build your skillsets: This is the best time to learn a new skill or build on one. The mind suddenly feels free and learning is a lot easier/faster. Leverage this time and the state of mind to build some key skillsets that can set you up for the future. Consider taking certificate courses on Coursera, Udemy etc. Advanced courses on MS Excel, MS PowerPoint etc will also be very useful since these tools will always be used in your daily work life. Soft skills like email etiquettes, business writing skills, presentation and communication skills are those which will also come in very handy as you start the next phase of your career.

Consolidate your network: Each of you would have interacted with several people in your time at b-school and built some good relationships. Some of you also end up engaging with your peers in other colleges while participating in various competitions. Consolidate these into an excel file or a notebook with everyone’s contact details. You could also consider categorizing these connects into strong, medium and acquaintances. Connect with people on LinkedIn. It is generally said that leaders and careers are defined and shaped by the strength of one’s network and it is this network that will be your biggest differentiator in the years to come

Read: Each of you would have been drowned in coursework and assignments since the last 2 years with no time left to read books at leisure. Use this time well to read a book of your choice or to read reports or business magazines. These will help you engage in conversations with your colleagues at work and small conversations are good icebreakers which can help you build a good rapport and build relationships

Pick up a hobby: This could be anything from doing social service to learning a new instrument or doing anything that you have missed doing over the last 2 years. I have been learning the violin over the last 2 years and it’s a welcome break from the monotony. Hobbies help you meet new people of different ages and backgrounds, help you learn new perspectives and break away from the work routine.

Take a good vacation: Finally, go on a good vacation before you join work depending on what is your calling. Spend some good quality time with family and friends and explore the un-explored.

Even after you start working, its important to have a good balance between your personal and professional life and more importantly we should begin somewhere. Implementing these few things mentioned above can help you maintain that balance, make you more confident at work, find your passion and set you on the right path as you progress in your career.

Written By -  Coach Abhishek Shenoy
Coach Abhishek works as Manager at Deloitte. He is passionate, strong team player, contributor, continuous learner focusing on the consumer sector and the technology sector.

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