What are soft skills?

You can call it interpersonal skills or your personality traits, too. It is that quality in you which enables you to interact with people, manage work relationships and build a positive environment around you.

These skills are such that they vary from person to person, and cannot be measured like hard or technical skills.

Hence, it is very important for you to show the employer that you possess soft skills so that you get selected for the job (yes, it is equally important).

Let’s see the top 7 soft skills for jobs to possess which can transform your career.

Communication skills

This is the numero uno skill to possess. Your whole work-life will is based on effective communication--with peers, superiors and clients among others. It is a combination of verbal and non-verbal skills that work in tandem with each other. Clear communication is monumental for your growth and success. It increases productivity, helps you express your difficulties, makes you a good listener and lets you set clear expectations.

Time & Stress management

So often we hear people complaining about their rigorous deadlines and stressful timelines. All that is a matter of how well you can organize your time and priorities well. If time is managed effectively, there will be no stress in the workplace. Many times, there are tough tasks and deadlines to be met, which require you to work under immense pressure. You need to train yourself to have the right attitude to handle this.


No company became successful because of one man. It is not a one man’s job, but of a team that makes a successful business. It is the result of many people working together towards the same goal. Working in a team requires adaptability, good listening skills and being receptive to other inputs. Your ability to collaborate with people having different personalities and deliver results will show your true strength over time.


Problem-solving is not just a skill, it is a mindset. It requires you to think analytically, logically and responsibly when you are faced with adversity. You need to be calm and composed, only then will you be able to think of a logical solution. You cannot complain or belittle the situation. You need to be the one who always has a solution for challenges. Know that this is a skill that is acquired over time.


Leaders inspire other people and lead them to success. That is why it is an in-demand skill. You need to have confidence and a vision to influence your co-workers and make them want to perform. This kind of positive attitude and outlook will surely get you noticed. The ability to inspire people and deliver successful results, will also help you grow a lot personally.

Emotional Quotient

You have probably heard of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) which is tested in many interviews. But equally important and rising in popularity is the EQ. Today, you need to be equally if not more emotionally intelligent;  you need to have empathy, care and you must be able to discern between right and wrong. EQ is your ability to process emotions--both others’ and your own--and come to a sound decision. People with high EQ become very successful leaders.


Creativity is very important in any job. It is the ability to come up with innovative or unique solutions or alternatives, which is priceless. It drives productivity and success. Creative thinking enables you to think out of the box, driving efficiency and pushing the bars of excellence.

These 7 job skills are an absolute must-have to completely succeed in your workplace. Soft skills are gaining importance, and sometimes these can act as the deciding factor in your interview. Prepare yourself and develop your soft skills to emerge as one of the best!