Types of Interviews

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An interview is an important process in a job hiring process. It helps in establishing a connection between the hiring manager and the candidate and helps the employer to get to know the candidate’s personality (professional and personal).

Various Types Of Interviews

The interviews are conducted in various formats. Let’s have a look at different types of interviews, in brief, below.

1. Personal Interview

Being the most common of the interview formats, it is the most expected form of an interview, that a candidate prepares for. It’s generally a one-to-one form of interaction wherein the job recruiter asks the candidate questions which could be both, general and technical. Basis the answers of the candidates, he judges them and deems whether they are fit for the job or not.

2. Group Interview

A group interview is a varied version of the above which has multiple candidates instead of one. You will be interviewed in a group and you’ll be given a topic to discuss with each other. The candidate discussing the topic in the ablest way, and having the power to convince others of his point of view will take the cake.

3. Panel Interview

A group of experts who are generally senior people in the same organization, come together to form a panel. Their expertise may be varied but their experience level is immense, hence they are called upon to recruit senior-level positions most of the time.

4. Telephonic Interview  

This interview format is conducted over the phone and one of the most important reasons this is done is to narrow the potential job seekers down so that only the most eligible ones finally get shortlisted. This is normally done in the very initial stages and before the personal interview. This type of interview also helps the organization connect with a potential candidate who is geographically far away, and then decide if to take it forward with him or not.

5. Online Interview  

The digital age has advanced and has caught on to recruitment practices also. Digitally forward companies use online mediums like video calls, chats, or preliminary forms to communicate with the potential job seeker. The interview questions are just like in a personal interview, and the interview skills aren’t hampered. This is especially done for candidates who don’t live in the same geographical area, or if the candidate requests this due to travel inconvenience. This is good in a way, in the sense, such interviews can be arranged at a short notice and don’t need days of notice.

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