According to a 2018 CareerBuilder survey, 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process & made sourcing of opportunities easier for job seekers.

Hiring in India is moving away from traditional practices and upgrading towards diversity, automated recruitment, remote working options with the advancement of virtual reality, artificial intelligence etc. Landing the right job which will the right fit for you ain’t no joke! Just posting your resumes blindly to companies won’t do. You need to think different and stick to a plan. Let’s see what. Here is a list of quick suggestions to help you take full advantage of accessible resources and get meaningful employment opportunities.

Identify Skills & Interests

First, your targeted job should objectively align with your skills, values & interests. To match your expected career goals, you need to know where you stand and what additional skills could help you get the job faster.

Sourcing the Opportunity

Once you have completed that task, you may start sourcing opportunities. There are multiple ways to do it -

Leverage social media & online communities- It starts with building and maintaining a good online presence on various platforms especially Linkedin. You may also use specialized community like Kaggle, Hackerrank etc. It solves dual purpose of sourcing opportunities and helping potential recruiters find you and evaluate your profile. The recruiters now days choose social media as a major verification criterion before shortlisting a candidate.

Expand Your Network- Begin with people you know, such as faculty members, friends, family, and acquaintances. By developing your network you can get introduced to your second and third network. You may also meet like-minded individuals through various seminars, workshops and joining online communities. LinkedIn is a very powerful tool to make such connects.

Seize the Job Opportunity
After, setting your offline and online presence in place it’s time to reach out to the employers and get career profile screened by targeted employers. You can do it by -

Employer’s job page- After identifying the right organization and value you can provide, you may reach out to employers directly through uploading your candidature in the jobs section or getting in touch with key decision makers. This may take time to click but you can get access to premium opportunities.

Online job portals- With job and candidate hunting shifting online, register and maintain your profile on portals (relevant for your kind of requirement) e.g. iimjobs, Naukri etc. You can also register on full stack (career coaching + recruitment) platforms like Board Infinity to get career coached and connect with 140+ recruiters.

Seek personalized career assistance- Each career is an extremely personalized journey. You may get in touch with various career coaching and employment service providers to help you ease up the process.

Create a brilliant resume

Recruiters receive resumes by the hundreds and don’t have the time to sift through all of them in detail. To write a perfect resume, use keywords, follow the design principles, use readable fonts, write skills look exciting in the resume. No one has time to go through long-winding paragraphs about your summer internship. Display most of your information in bullet points. Learn to retain only the most important stuff and put it in crisply by adding Career Objective and Summary of qualification in the beginning. Most Importantly, make sure your contact details are clearly written. Highlight the most important skills and your interests, that’s all. If you don’t know how to structure it, either opt for professional resume review sessions.

Talk about past projects

As a fresher, you’ve nothing substantial you can call as work experience on which the recruiter will judge you. You can talk about your projects which you took up during your internship or college which you did at a basic level, which might give the hiring manager something to work upon. Don’t over-stress on the projects or lie to make it look bigger than it was, it won’t help.

Do your homework

Don’t underestimate this step of researching and reading up on what the company stands for, what does it do and what are its recent achievements. Check recent news articles and press releases about the company which will give you a fair idea about it. No, they don’t expect you to recite facts and figures but they expect you to know what you agreed to work for.

Proofread your online profiles

Companies use social media networks not only to hire but also to check your online presence and behaviour. They don’t want to hire a person who’s offensive or doesn’t have a great public image. Keep your profiles clean. Maintain a LinkedIn profile for all your professional liaisons and keep your personal conversations private to Facebook. Be careful about what you post on your profiles.

That's all, you're now all set to apply for jobs which align with your interests and career goals.

Start Tip- Maintain and update your profile regularly, use keywords in resume for better visibility, contribute to various social forums, connect with relevant people.

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