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Subhadeep Guha is having around 4 yrs of experience as a talent specialist skilled in Business & Client Operations and HR & Recruitment Vertical. He has been involved in Client Operations, Campus Placements, End to End Recruitment, Resourcing and other HR cum Recruitment activities.

Currently, Subhadeep is working as a Senior HR at Applied Research Works. In an interview he shares about how challenging head hunting can be.

  1. What are the major challenges with respect to entry level hiring?
    We hire candidates from technical background and we find most of them lacking practical aspects. Their fundamental knowledge is not clear. In terms of skills their presentation and communication skills are not that good. They are not stable with their words, and there is a lack of commitment too. So we make sure that the colleges prepare their students accordingly. Also sometimes the recruiters do not communicate properly.
  2. How do you overcome these challenges?
    We try to filter out the candidates initially. We don’t look for perfect grades; we only look for good practical knowledge.
  3. What are the different roles you hire for?
    We basically look for people with technical background for roles into software development, as data analyst, business analyst etc.
  4. What is your hiring time frame?
    We visit different campuses during the month of June-September and also from Jan to March sometimes. We even do off campus drives and walk-ins.
  5. Do you think certifications and online courses add an advantage?
    It all depends on the individual. If he or she is keen to learn it will help them to stand out. If they are not being serious and do it just for the sake of certificate then it is just a waste of time.

  6. Would you like to share about any interesting project that is happening?
    We are currently working with clients from USA focusing on the technology part and working with cloud technologies and MERNS stack.