We all dream of a good life with luxury, don’t we?

One of the possible ways (and easiest) is to get the perfect job which perfectly aligns with your skills. Most of us are placed at our first job through job fairs or campus placements.

Virtual job fairs are a relatively new concept and are possible because of new technology. Let's have a look at what are virtual hiring fairs and learn more about the difference between campus placements and virtual job fairs.

Campus Placements

It is a program conducted within a college to provide students with job opportunities inside its premise. It is usually conducted in the final year for every student and involves the student appearing for at least 3 to 4 rounds of interviews before he gets to know the results.


  • The companies come to you, resulting in your college saving you time and effort instead of searching for jobs all by yourself.
  • There is a face-to-face meeting advantage you get, where you can impress employers with other non-verbal skills too.
  • There are a limited number of students to compete with at this point. The chances of getting hired are more. Students have to prepare beforehand and just walk-in on D-Day.
  • The placement guarantee is almost 100% as the college cannot let the students leave empty-handed. Similarly, the companies also feel the pressure if they don’t hire anyone. Hence, the chances of securing a role are ensured.

Virtual Job Fairs

They are like traditional job fairs but happen exclusively online. You can talk to the employers in a chat window. Job seekers get access to a plethora of jobs, and interviewers get access to plenty of candidates from diverse skill sets.


  • They are very convenient and provide ease of access from one’s home or college hostel.
  • Students don’t have to travel anywhere. Here the students approach companies, but virtually.
  • Ideal for introverts; especially because there is no face to face interactions.
  • Students can talk to the company representatives to understand the organization better. There is no time restriction, so the students can also get all their doubts clarified.
  • Students will have access to multiple companies, both small and medium-sized, and MNCs at virtual job fairs.
  • The best part about such fairs is that the students can interact with multiple employers at the same time. Since the conversation happens on instant messenger and chat windows, a student is able to use this to their advantage.
  • Distance poses no limits. One may have a potential employer from Bangalore, from one’s local area, or even from Dubai in the same fair.
  • Candidates can interact with other candidates and network with other like-minded job seekers. This increases their chances of finding a job in the future.

Both have their own advantages, and both are beneficial for a student who is looking out for jobs. Preparation is a must for reviewing your resume, preparing your elevator pitch and researching about the company.

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