With the ongoing college campus placements, you are probably wondering how your seniors handled their placements. How is it that you can leave a mark on employers who are coming to your campus? How can you stand out from the competition and pave your way to your dream job? These interviews are key determinants of your professional career. Let’s have a look at a list of tips to crack campus placements.

Know everything about the interviewer

It is said that to be forewarned is forearmed. In this sense, if you do a solid background research on the company, its policies, the interviewers, job openings and other relevant information beforehand, then you are likely to be well prepared for what’s coming. This will give you an edge over the other students who are appearing for the same campus interviews by helping you to level out your expectations.

Prepare your resume

You will need to design a marketable resume with proper elements like headline, summary, educational history and achievements. There are various ways to do so. Try researching online and choose the best possible template that suits you, or approach career counselling centres who will help you with a detailed guideline, or you could ask your college seniors for help.

We, at Board Infinity have a resume counselling session that can help you make a resume from scratch or furbish your old one. Either way, your resume needs to look professional and should stand out from the rest.

Be ready with your pitch

Prepare an excellent elevator pitch for yourself. The first question usually is, “Tell me about yourself.” This is where you will have to get the attention of the recruiter. If your pitch is catchy, relevant and has all the important details of your education, professional interests and achievements, it will surely make the best impression. Don’t make a story out of it with adding unnecessary details. Focus on your strengths and keep it simple and short. Your value addition should be clear.

Internships and projects

This is one of the most unique experiences that will set you apart from the herd. Many students skip this opportunity but what they don’t realise is that internships and live projects earn them important points. The experience you gain from this is invaluable and automatically upgrades your market value than those who do not have either of the two. The practical knowledge you have gained can be a great topic for you to discuss in the interview.

Ask questions

Remember, you have to leave an impression on your hiring manager. How may candidates manage to ask questions to the interviewer? Barely a few. Many of the candidates get caught up in their own nervousness, or deciphering answers to questions asked, that they forget to ask questions to the interviewer. Be smart and ask thoughtful questions. Make a set of a few questions before the interview and make sure you ask them. Some examples can be, “How are the work policies in this company?”, “How does the company ensure that it is employee-friendly?”, “What are the values and goals of this company?”

Keep yourself calm and always smile! You’re sure to stand out from competition if you follow these simple but important tips.