Given the impact of COVID-19 on the world, it’s highly likely that your next job interview will be a video interview.

The way companies were working just a few months back and the way they will be working the coming months will change drastically. This only means that you’ll also have to adapt to the coming changes, don’t get too worried… You are human and humans are born to adapt.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the exact steps that you need to take to ace your next video job interview.

1. Know Your Tech

A few days before your interview, have a test run, look at the different things that will be needed on the technical side for a good interview. You’ll need to test out your webcam, microphone, internet, software. The easiest way to do this would be to hop on a video call with a friend/family member.

You should also get used to the software that you will be using for the video call, a few popular ones are Google Meetings, Skype, and Zoom… You can check these out before your next interview.

2. Treat it like an In-person Interview

We know that it can be a bit weird to give an interview on a video call, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Don’t be bothered much by it, you need to remind yourself that this is an actual interview.

You need to be as prepared as you would be in an actual interview since the interviewer can actually see you and your body language. It can feel a bit weird when the interview starts, but after you’re in it for 5-minutes you’ll ease up.

3. Be Prepared for Hiccups

We don’t mean the actual hiccups. We mean the hiccups in terms of technical difficulties, losing your internet, a family member shouting in the background, etc. You need to be prepared for anything while giving a video interview.

Be prepared for any technical difficulties in your software or video or microphone, be prepared for any power outages, be prepared for your internet to go down, be prepared to be disturbed during the interview, etc.

A job interview is a one-time opportunity, so it’s better to be prepared than to later regret not being prepared.

4. Frame & Eye Contact

You don’t want to be so close to the camera that the interviewer can just see your head, nor do you want to be so far that the interviewer has to squint to see you. A general rule of thumb is, showing yourself from the waist or chest up.

Most people attending a video call tend to focus on their own screen, instead of the camera. This is a very subtle error that could cost you the job. The interviewer wants to feel like you’re looking at him while talking and not at the screen. Although it may not feel natural at first, you want to speak while looking at the camera.

5. Minimize Distractions

If you’re with your family, then inform them beforehand that you’re giving a job interview. Pick a place that has minimal distractions and a good background. A room with no distractions will allow you to completely focus on your answers & a good background will allow you to be the main focus of the video and the interviewer won’t get distracted.

6. Suit Up

Dress according to the job that you’re applying for. If it’s necessary then you might even need to suit up (from the waist up). Even if it’s not an in-person interview, you want to give off the impression that you’re committed to this job interview and you actually made an effort. Hopping on a video call with a T-shirt or Vest won’t really help your case very much. Your clothing is a chance for you to make a good impression, be it a video interview or an in-person interview.

7. Show Up Early

You should be prepared for the interview at least 5-10 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. This is another area where you can show that you’re actually serious about the job interview and it also shows off your punctuality (almost all employers look for this quality in an employee). Print out your resume and have it nearby, along with the job description and any speaking points you want to hit or notes you’ve taken about the company or position. You won’t want to read from the pages, but having them handy can take away some stress.

These 7 tips should help you ace your next video job interview.

Good luck!