Brillio is focused on providing innovative digital solutions with its deep engineering capabilities to its customers. We leverage our expertise in Product Engineering, Big Data & Analytics, Cloud Transformation, and Machine Learning to bridge the gap between our customers’ expectations and their business outcomes.

Navin Patel, Head of Talent Acquisition at Brillio, with 12 years of experience in the field of recruitment, shares his views on the talent pool of India in the field of Analytics.

“It’s been a year since I’ve joined Brillio. During this time span, I have come across a lot of candidates with diversified talent. At Brillio, we look for people with good communication skills, aptitude and willingness to learn and grow. For an analytics role, we look for candidates with sound knowledge in the basics of analytics and coding languages. So, we welcome freshers mainly with a BTech in IT/CSE and some relatable internship/projects in their pocket. Brillio has tie-ups with certain renowned colleges/universities. We hire the best talent across India, and so, we also consider candidates from non-engineering background to join us and contribute in the field of analytics, if they come with some relevant experience. Brillio offers service-based analytics assistance to its customers, so we ensure that we bring on individuals who can drive desired outcomes for our customers".