Hansa Cequity is a Data Driven Marketing company helping brands to leverage the power of big data analytics. As an Indian Martech Company, it specializes in data driven customer marketing solutions using analytics, digital & technology platforms.

Starting out with simple descriptive analytics projects and moving on to prescriptive and predictive programs, today their services are sought out by clients who are setting up Analytics Centres of Excellence (CoE).With proprietary analytics platforms and solutions, they help clients improve their revenue or save costs across their customer and business value chain. Their ActionableAnalytics frameworks have made a huge difference in client engagements.

As a Senior HR Executive, Winston D’Cunha shares few words on his 4 yrs of experience in the field of recruitment and, expectation from the talent pool of India in the field of analytics.

  1. What are the different challenges you have faced while hiring an entry level talent?
    Expectations are high from a fresher. Most of the people interviewed are not prepared and finds it difficult to go through the interview. There are a lot of skill gaps too. Basic understanding and knowledge about the analytics domain is missing and this makes it harder to find the right person.
  2. How do you overcome these challenges?
    We have internship opportunities for students interested to start their career in the field of analytics. To crack through interview basic knowledge about statistics, modeling, coding and programming tools are required. We make sure these students get proper experience and become aware of the field. If they perform extremely well we provide them with full term opportunities too.
  3. What is your source of hiring and time frame?
    We look for entry level talents in the engineering campuses. The hiring usually starts from the month of August or September. We can even go for hiring a non engineer if they are driven enough, and has the right skill set.
  4. What is your view on the online courses offered for data analytics?
    I believe that online courses do not help an individual to have full fledged knowledge about the subject. If an individual is dedicated and have spent time seriously on the course duration it might be of some benefit. But theoretical and practical knowledge are two different things. So in order to be deployable one has to have hands on experience. A live project solving a real life problem can be an advantage.
  5. What is your expectation from the talent pool of India?
    I want them to be prepared all the time. It is not just whenever the interview is scheduled you have to be prepared. In order to get into your dream job you have to start preparing from the first day itself. Develop skills as much as you can. Participate, move forward, take up short projects, and make the most of it. In Hansa Cequity we make sure we deliver high quality services to our customers. So we look for talented and dedicated people who can join our team.