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Most Common Group Discussion Topics for 2022

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Group discussion (GD) rounds help interviewers assess and judge an individual’s personality, perspectives, behavioral traits, divergent thinking, leadership, communication, analytical skills, etc., in a large setting. Therefore, familiarity with common group discussion topics is useful when preparing for job interviews or college/competitive exams.

Group Discussions are essential in the selection process for aspirants seeking to clear any interview. Preparing for frequently-used GD topics beforehand will help you, as an aspirant, learn, generate new ideas, and build confidence. Find out about varied general group discussion topics and common GD question areas you must prepare for through this article.

GD Topics on Current Affairs

●   Economic Survey 2021

●   COVID-19 and Its Impact on the Indian Economy

●   Farm Bills 2020

●   Digital Census 2021

●   Ban of Apps from China in India

●   Digital India – Pros and Cons

●   India and China Political Relations

●   Impact of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

●   National Educational Policy 2020

●   Electrical Vehicles in India

GD Topics on Social Issues

●   Crime Against Women

●   Social Media – A Boon or Bane?

●   Smart City Projects

●   Are Women Better than Men in the Corporate Field?

●   Death Sentence for Rapists

GD Topics on Business and Economy

●   Union Budget 2021

●   Views on RBI Autonomy

●   Bank Mergers in India – Pros and Cons

●   Impact of the Falling Rupee on the Indian Economy

●   Startups in India and the Concept of Entrepreneurship

●   Privatization of the Concept of Public Sector in the Indian Economy

GD Topics on Education

●   Online Exams – Good or Bad?

●   Concepts vs. Skills

●   Open Book Examinations

●   Blended Learning is the New Normal

●   Sex Education in Schools – Pros and Cons

●   Impact of the Pandemic on the Education System of India

●   Is Doing an MBA a Must to Be Successful in the Business Sector?

●   Student Suicides – Main Causes

●   The Compulsion of Uniforms in Educational Institutions

GD Creative Topics

●   Does Beauty Content Help in Empowering Women?

●   Purchasing Products Based on TV Advertisements

●   Lives or Brand

●   Borderless World

●   Reading Books or Watching Movies

●   Online Shopping Reality

●   Black Lives Matter

●   Indians Opting for Western Culture

GD Topics on International Events and Affairs

●   India-Pakistan Relations

●   Brexit – Boon or Bane for India?

●   India-Nepal Relations

●   Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Environment

●   Joe Biden as US President

●   India-US Relations

●   America-First Policy

●   G20 Summit

●   India-China Relations

●   International Terrorism

GD Topics on Sports

●   Match-fixing in IPL

●   Football in India

●   Hockey vs. Cricket – National Game of India

●   Future of Sports

●   Cricket Should Become the National Sport of India

●   Is India Ready to Host the Olympics?

General GD Topics

●   Poverty in India

●   Nuclear or Joint Family

●   Lack of Work-Life Balance

●   Should English Be the National Language in India?

●   Is Social Media Destroying Creativity?

●   Mobile Phones – Boon or Bane for Children?

●   Should the National Anthem Be Played in Cinemas?

●   Omicron Variant

●   Should People Invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

●   Raising the Minimum Marriage Age of Women from 18 to 21 years

●   Cashless Society – Boon or Bane?

●   Work from Home, Online Classes – Future of Work

Tips to Crack any Group Discussion

  • Think about the topic calmly and write down all the points you remember about it and all that which would give you strong points to talk about
  • Initiate if possible & try to lead the discussion
  • Speak in a polite tone
  • Focus on your topic of discussion and do not digress
  • Don’t pick up a fight
  • Keep good body language - sit straight, make eye contact with all audience, and don’t fidget with anything
  • Do not go overboard in exhibiting your knowledge even if you know the topic well
  • Do not interrupt other members when they are speaking
  • Do not feel less confident just because a speaker prior to you has presented the points more effectively than you
  • Make sure you read newspapers every day and stay updated with general knowledge
  • Control your emotions


Group discussion plays a significant role in judging an individual’s various skills, such as problem-solving, leadership skills, time management, social attitude, self-confidence, and much more. Hence, you need to prepare for the GD round with dedication and proper hard work.

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