Group Discussion or GD as it is more commonly known, is a method of an interview or a method of gauging your ability to communicate effectively. It is often done with a common objective where people share their ideas about a particular topic, leading to massive information exchange. No, it’s not scary and you don’t need to panic. All it takes is a regular practice and staying alert about whatever is going on around you. Presenting your point of view is essential and you’ll be judged for it.

In a GD, there are usually more than 4-5 candidates sitting in a circle. A moderator discloses the topic and gives 10 minutes in all for everyone to prepare their points for or against the particular topic. You need to remember it’s not a debate but merely an expression of opinion. In the time allotted you need to jot down all your points in an orderly manner and rehearse what to talk in your mind. If you start the GD, nothing like it, but if you don’t then you also need to listen actively. All this is presented to a group of panellists who will grade you basis your performance.

Now, why are GDs important and why do companies and management colleges keep conducting them? This is usually held to assess the candidature and the eligibility of the candidates. A person who has good communication skills, excellent body language, leadership quality and ability to deal with stress, really succeeds in a GD. This way, judging and eliminating candidates becomes easier. Your problem-solving skills and team-player skills will really make all the difference.

Some tips to perform better in the GD:

  • Think about the topic calmly and write down all the points you remember about it and all that which would give you strong points to talk about
  • Start if possible and try to lead the discussion
  • Speak in a polite tone
  • Focus on your topic of discussion and do not digress
  • Don’t pick up a fight
  • Keep a good body language--sit straight, make eye contact with all audience and don’t fidget with anything
  • Make sure you read newspapers every day and stay updated with general knowledge
  • Do not get emotional

Most common GD topics which are given by tech companies:

  • Impact of technology on jobs in India
  • Impact of demonetisation
  • Is technology affecting the income of man
  • Effect of globalisation
  • Social Media--impact on humans and society
  • Crypto Currency
  • Mission on Mars--is it justified?
  • Is India ready for a digital economy?
  • Performance of the current economy
  • IT Industry- will it create more jobs in the future?
  • Will AI transform the future?
  • Will automation increase or decrease jobs?
  • Statue of Unity--Symbol of pride or wastage of money?
  • Is technology making us less human?
  • How can we use technology to tackle financial crimes?
  • Technological factors that have contributed to the growth of startups
  • NOTA option
  • Big Data and Information Privacy--challenges of the future
  • Challenges in the IT industry
  • Innovation or Invention?
  • Information overload
  • Is technology creating income inequalities?
  • Technology in the education sector