What is a Job Interview?

The word ‘Interview’ is formed by two words ‘inter’ and ‘view’ which indicates something like seeing each other in-between. This means that both the parties involved in the meeting, get to know each other by asking questions. The person asking the questions (in most cases, the employer) is the interviewer, and the person answering those questions is the interviewee. Interviews often take place face to face, but with advancing technology the need to appear in person has reduced considerably and has also enabled people to attend interviews from a faraway location. Conversation is a vital part of an interview and that can happen regardless of any party’s physical presence. A survey report states, face to face interviews often help people in forming a connection and are helpful to employers in hiring people easily.

Judging Aspects in a Job Interview
The various aspects on which a candidate is judged in a job interview are as follows:

1.      Verbal characteristics
If you’re expressing yourself well enough with clarity and coherence.

2.     Nonverbal characteristics
If you have good mannerisms, groomed yourself well, maintain eye contact and have a confident body language.

3.     Decision making
If you’re making decisions with maturity and your judgments are precise.

4.    Personality
If your personality type is any of the following: shy, outgoing, over smart, silent etc.

5.     Adaptability
If you will fit into the organization’s work culture based on the above personality traits.

6.    Employee enthusiasm
If your level of enthusiasm and interest matches the zeal you have to get your dream job and work with the employer.

7.     Goals
If your future career goals align with the company’s requirement.

The job interview is an important process of job application and it may well be a simple, casual one-time discussion or it may also be a detailed discussion with a panel of experts. If a job seeker successfully bags an interview, it’s considered as the first step of interest taken by the employer. In a lot of cases, an initial round of interview is taken on the phone itself, to save the organization’s time and money. In companies of small sizes, an interview is generally held directly with the founders, or the boss you’ll be reporting to. In cases of larger companies, there are various rounds of interviews which start with the HR, and then with the other higher authorities. Some companies also have a panel of experts who cooperate and take a decision on hiring.

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