Your resume is sometimes pages long, and still, you have irrelevant information in it. It should only contain information that is relevant and connected to the job or field you’re applying to.

While there are things that you absolutely must add on your resume, like power words, skills and achievements, there are also some things that need not be mentioned. In the sense, it only makes more sense to not include things in your resume that would obstruct your chances of landing that interview.

Here are a few tips for resume writing that you should keep in mind!

Adding a Date

You really don’t need to add a date to your resume. It’s a gross mistake lot of job seekers end up making. The hiring manager has nothing to do with the date you created it or even updated it. The dates regarding your of passing out of educational degrees are what matter.

Personal Information

Nothing’s more important than your name, address, contact number and email id, really! All other personal information is not vital to your job at all. Details regarding your age, your birthday, your gender, any political or religious inclinations, sexual orientation, marital status or anything that is absolutely just intrusive. While there may be some companies based internationally, that might request for additional information, but other than that only the most important details are enough.

Irrelevant Work Experience

While you might have interned or worked as a HR trainee or as a salesperson, that experience is not going to help you land up an accounts job. You only need to include those jobs which tend to strongly lay emphasis on your qualifications or skills that are essential for the current job you’re applying for. You may also decide to keep those job experiences, in case it’s showing up huge employment gaps.


Now the hiring manager really doesn’t need to know about the scuba diving training you took, or that you love to travel (ahem, sales guys will pick you for it). Either be specific about your hobby or don’t mention anything at all. Say, you’re applying for a job in an automobile company, you could possibly enlist your hobby as passionate about cars and bikes. In this way, you’re including a hobby which is related to the job you’re applying to.

There are a lot of other things to not include like a photograph, skills that are obsolete, any previous salary details, too much jargon, health information etc. Note these things down!

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