The fonts you select and the way you present information in your resume tell a lot about your personality, which is exactly what recruiters try to judge. Thus, presentation is a very important aspect of resume writing and should be given careful consideration.

Let’s take a look at some resume facts that indicate the importance of presentation:

  • 1 out of 5 recruiters make their judgment within 60 seconds which may or may not be in your favor.
  • 44% of recruiters reject applicants is their resumes are over decorated, have extravagant font size and colors.
  • 31% recruiters reject resumes with inappropriate fonts.

You should select a resume font which is separate from the traditional norm, but decent at the same time. Here are the best resume fonts and resume font sizes:

Times New Roman

The safest font to use in your resume is Times New Roman. It is very formal and gives a professional look to your resume.


This is the perfect replacement for Times New Roman and best used for academic resumes.


This is an attractive yet professional serif font style which is familiar to all yet not used by many.


This is a serif font and has a naturally bold structure. It is great to look at and designed to be read on computer screens.


Other popular fonts are Arial, Lucida Sans, Calibri and Goudy Old Style.

Font Size

The ideal font size to stick to in every type of font is 12 and 14. Keep your content in size 12 and your headings in style 14. For fonts like Garamond, which are smaller than others you can keep the ratio of 13 and 17 too.

Students often find resume formatting more difficult than resume writing due to lack of creative knowledge. This is the area where they lag in getting the competitive advantage even after having the perfect skill set.

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