Knowledge sharing has transformed with the advent of technology now. Online learning or e-learning as it’s more commonly known, has rapidly grown in popularity due to the convenience factor. Short duration, not a long-term commitment, challenging activities, gamification techniques, and the program’s interactiveness, all make for a great package. All these factors make online training programs the favourite among students and professionals. Let’s look at some benefits of online training programs over offline ones.


The online training programs are designed in a way that they can be called byte-sized. The short length of the training material really helps the students accommodate it in their schedules. Also, since it is accessed by simply logging on to the respective website or the virtual campus, they can do so whenever they want by prioritising their other tasks and responsibilities. The students don’t need to travel anywhere and can take it from the convenience of their homes or offices. All you need is the Internet!

Program Design

The programs are usually very well designed and made engaging with the use of multimedia since they are online. The interactive nature of the programs ensures it is a hit among the students taking them. The program if well-designed improves the retention power and helps the students remember the concepts even better. The support of the internet helps in making it more real-time with immediate hyperlinks or embedded YouTube videos. All these factors make online training programs more robust and a better way to learn.


Not only is it cost-effective for the author who’s creating and distributing it, but that in turn leads to a lower cost of purchase of the training program. The same program if taken in an offline mode may cost the students a lot. A lot of professionals and students don’t take up training programs or courses because they can’t afford them. Online programs solve this issue because they easily fit into smaller budgets. Moreover, people travel to different places to study a particular course, but now online programs have made life easier for students who wish to learn from reputed institutions.

Reuse and Revisit

One of the major benefits of online training programs is that it can be accessed multiple times over a span of a long time. Say, you’ve taken an online training program on SEO during your college but want to do it again while on the job, you can! You can access the entire course along with the videos, case studies, projects etc. just as it was before. This is very helpful in case of revisiting whatever is being learnt. This also causes no disturbance of any sort to anyone.

Offline training is not very independent, flexible or cost-effective. But they do have instantaneous doubt-solving sessions and a personal touch that might be missing in online programs. But nowadays, with chatbots and live chats, even that concern is being addressed online. Enroll for online courses with Board Infinity and discover a quick and affordable way of learning!