Harvard Business Review titled Data Scientist as the sexiest job of the 21st century. Its popularity is increasing steadily and more people are seen preparing for this job today.

But... Why should you choose data science?

Let us answer this question in the post below.

But what makes the job of a Data Scientist so appealing?

Data Scientists use advanced automated tools and technologies to collect, manage, manipulate and analyze tons of data every day. They extract meaningful information from raw data which helps an organization to develop business strategies and take decisions.

Also, Data Scientists are responsible for coming up with solutions to problems on the basis of their analyses. They need to be well aware of the latest technologies and trends in order to come up with better solutions.

Here is why Data Scientist is the most popular job of our century:

1. Increase in data

The most important factor behind the popularity of Data Science is the increasing amount of data. As the world is getting more digitized, data flows in from all the different online platforms.

This data is getting more complex and hard to manage. Also, there are countless ways in which organizations can profit with the right analysis of this data.

This is where Data Scientists come into play. Organizations need them to handle this huge amount of data to strengthen their market strategies and getting a competitive edge.

2. Unavailability of skilled Data Scientists

Another reason for the popularity of this job is the unavailability of skilled professionals. We know that the demand for Data Scientists is high; however, there is a shortage of Data Scientists all around the world.

This is what makes this job a very desirable and popular one. Companies desperately need skilled Data Scientists and they offer them great salaries too.

Big market players like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. are on the look-out for skilled Data Scientists. It is rightly titled as the sexiest job of our century.

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