We are living in a world which is dominated by data. Data is being generated from multiple different sources in a very large quantity and at a very high speed, every day.

Every type of business and industry deals with data in some way or the other. The working of every business depends on big data today. Companies working in any industry require Big Data Analysts to handle this huge amount of data efficiently.

Let's discuss the roles & responsibilities of a big data analyst & Why so many companies are hiring them:

How does a Big Data Analyst help businesses?

  1. Help them understand their customers
    All businesses need to get a better understanding of their customers in order to develop better products and services. Big Data Analysts collect data through online platforms or customer databases, break it down and analyze it and help an organization understand their audience.
  2. Help them in taking better decisions
    The information derived from Big Data Analysis is very essential for creating business strategies. Analysts manipulate heavy volumes of data and convert it into useful information which helps organization take well informed and efficient decisions.
  3. Keeping up with industry demands
    Analysts find out the latest trends and practices in the industry and keep the organization up to date on the current market scenario. This helps the organization adapt to the changing demands and gain a competitive edge over others.
  4. Help companies manage their business
    Big data analysts maintain a record of all the data collected in the past and derive solutions based on both past as well as present data.
    This helps organizations understand their sales outcomes, impact of certain decisions on the business, etc. and create future business strategies based on the previous data.

Thus, companies are hiring Big Data Analysts for all the above mentioned reasons. They can help a company deliver better results and so Big Data Analysts are in high demand in every industry. Top market players like Facebook, IBM, Amazon and more hire Big Analysis.

According to PayScale, The average annual salary of a Big Data analyst with entry level experience in Mumbai and Pune is Rs 5,00,000. You can take the Data Science learning path offered by Board Infinity to gain expertise in Big Data Analysis.