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"Why Should You Be Hired For This Internship?" - 5 Best Answers

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Internships form the building blocks of our careers. One of the most important and common interview questions for an internship is “Why should you be hired for this internship?” or “Why should you be hired?” or “Why should we hire you for this internship?”

Although this interview question might seem easy to answer when you actually think about it… It’s highly unlikely that you have a well-thought-out answer. Structure your answer beforehand to have a competitive advantage over other candidates.

Here we’ve tried to curate the 5 best possible answers to the question. Remember, the answers given below are generic and can be customized to match your personal style. Don't forget to check out a few tips to crack any interview too, and you'll be on your way to your dream career.

Sample Answer #1

Since I am new to the industry, I am still constantly learning something new every day. However, I can vouch for the fact that I am a quick learner who is adaptable and I am always open to learning new things. I have an open mind and learning new perspectives can change my perspective on something I learned in the past. It is important to let go of outdated practices and the idea of moving on to a more advanced approach is appealing to me. I’m sure that I can bring new & fresh ideas to the table if given the opportunity to do so. I assure you that every day I’ll strive to be a better intern. This is why I should be hired for this internship.

Sample Answer #2

I think I am the ideal candidate for this internship since I am an excellent multitasker. During my college days, I’d not only spend my time in academics, but I also made it a point to learn things outside the stipulated syllabus, as you can see in my resume. I truly enjoy learning and becoming a better version of myself every day.

I live by the rule that I need to improve at least 1% every day. This allows me to constantly keep learning and pushing myself to achieve more. Since I had to fit so many things on my plate simultaneously to satiate my urge for learning, I have learned the art of time management. And I can say confidently, that no matter what task I’m handed, I’ll always deliver in time without compromising on the quality of my work.

Sample Answer #3

I’ve always dreamed of working for your company, and I believe working as an intern would not only serve as the first step toward fulfilling this dream but also assist in expanding my scope of knowledge about the company through practical experience.

Moreover, I’ve been preparing well to be a part of the company ultimately through my course structure, and additional work seminars, and have also grown my professional skills for the job role via the XYZ certificate course from ABC company.

If selected, I assure you that every day I’ll be striving to take on more job responsibilities as an intern and deliver on those. This is why I think you should hire me for this internship.

Sample Answer #4

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. That’s something that my father told me at a very young age, and I’ve always kept that in my mind. I always strive to give my 100% in anything that I am involved in, be it coursework, project work, freelance project, or a task as simple as washing dishes!

I think I’ll be the perfect candidate for this job because I got enrolled in a related course last week, on a part-time arrangement. When I am focused on a task, nothing can distract me. Some of my friends say that I am a perfectionist and it bugs them a lot, but I can’t help it! It is a part of my nature.

Besides this, I am honest and straightforward. Whenever I have an issue with my task, I don’t hesitate to seek help from someone who knows about it. All these traits make me a good candidate for this internship.

Sample Answer #5

I want to do this internship to assess my own inherent abilities and potential. I am presently in the final year of my college degree and have gained a lot of academic knowledge about this domain. However, I feel the need to know how much is actually relevant from a practical work experience perspective today.

Joining your company will enable me to discover this and help me to make the required course corrections before I begin my professional career journey. I believe that your prestigious company is the right place for me to experience the practical aspects of working in this industry and also gain useful new insights into it. This is why I think you should hire me for this internship.

Here are some more points to consider:

  • Always be properly dressed for your interview
  • Always tell them completely about your experience.
  • Boost your creative skills and ability.
  • You should like the company in which you are going for an internship interview.
  • Tell them how it will be a beneficial arrangement for the company in the future if selected.
  • Tell them a brief of your past work.
  • Discuss your relevant skills and endeavors and how you are the better option for this internship.
  • Make sure that you present yourself properly and in a natural way.
  • Tell your educational qualification.
  • Tell me about your awards if you received them in any domain.
  • Tell about the unique and different qualities in you as compared to others.

Well, these are just a few examples to help show you how you should carefully frame your answer to the dreaded question, “Why should you be hired for this internship?”

Check out this video to get the best interview tips for the first question that needs to be tackled and creates a foundation for your possibility of selection is “Why should you be hired for this internship”

Remember, there’s no “correct” way to crack an interview. The trick is to remember that the employer wants to hire you too. If you’re competent enough & fit their company culture then they have no reason not to hire you. Know what the employer is looking for and structure your answers in such a way that you put your best foot forward. Good luck!

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