On this special occasion of International women's day, we asked coach Shoma 10 questions about her career, work and success. Currently, coach Shoma is CEO at NeU Learning Solutions have conceptualized and tested an interactive video based e-learning app for general skill building; with special relevance to up-skilling of the underprivileged and differently-abled. She's also coach at Board Infinity, Feedback's provided by her are logical and intellectual which help students uplift their careers.

Read below the mindful answers given by her and we're proud to have her as a career coach!

BI: Things you love the most about your job?

SS: Flexibility and to be able to make a difference in career paths

BI: Your favorite books/films/documentaries

SS: The Goal

BI: Who is your mentor and the best piece of advice given by her/him?

SS: Not had the fortune of having a mentor so have relied on self-advice, the best one is derived from yogic principles 'The first duty is towards self'

BI: What dreams and goals inspired you to succeed?

SS: To be able to contribute to others' goals and dreams

BI: How does it feels to be a working women in the business world?

SS: A sense of Pride with humility - Pridility

BI: What’s the best way to keep your eye on future results?

SS: To ensure a 100 percent in the present

BI: What do you do to live a balanced life?

SS: I work towards achieving equanimity in the mind

BI: What values are you committed to?

SS: Compassion, integrity and inclusion.

BI: What advice you would give to larger group of people?

SS: Never say die.

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