How far is language important in a resume?

Well, it’s very important!

The art of crafting a resume is more than just selecting the right structure, using the right power words and making sure the grammar is perfect. It’s about whether your resume is ‘communicating’ the message you want to convey, or not.

Of course, it’s all of the above factors too, but overuse of power words or misspell terms can easily backfire. Being more specific with the help of power words can make a humongous difference.

Now, here’s a list of some words to avoid in your resume. Not because they're not good, but because they are overused.

1. Hard Working

Every hiring manager or an organisation wants workers who will work hard, smart and put every effort into getting the job done. Now, they also don’t want people who display that lack of an enterprising nature. Now mentioning that you’re a hard worker isn’t going to cut it for you.

How have you gone the extra mile? How have you translated your efforts into something concrete for the organisation?

Examples to prove that you work hard is going to help rather than using dry, old action words.

2. Honest

This term is a bit too obvious to mention in the resume. Not that other applicants are going to be deceitful or dishonest towards their duties, or are describing themselves like that in their resumes. This certainly should not be used to describe yourself. It’s a quality that is observed, and not told.

3. Punctual

Again, this is something you’re expected to be anyway! Punctuality is a quality that can be honed in an individual with circumstances. Unless you’re getting the job done, the organization won’t give a hoot about your punctuality.

4. Microsoft Office

Can you really operate without Word, Powerpoint and Excel in today’s times?

It’s useless mentioning Microsoft Office as a ‘skill’ parallel to skills like Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, or maybe a German language expert. Yes, if you’re an expert with the functions of each of the Office tools or are a whizz with shortcut formulae, you can go ahead and mention the same.

5. Result-Oriented

This is a far too serious term to be thrown in casually. It actually implies something really strong about your character. Instead of mentioning it like just another word, prove it with numbers and show the results you’ve achieved for any project. Being oriented towards results is what everyone is, but achievers are very few.

6. Ambitious

While your intention may be all pure in using this term to indicate you’re aiming for the skies or you’re not lazy, it might backfire on you. It may imply that you’re using this job to move up the ladder quickly, or that it’s hard to satisfy you with a consistent job role. God forbid, you get an overthinker as a hiring manager!

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