By - Deepak Vishwakarma, Board Infinity Alumni

My Background

I come from a lower middle class family, living in a small village in Madhya Pradesh. As a child I went to a village school. I was quite a brilliant student till class 6th but as I was growing up, I understood my familial responsibilities of helping my father. My father is a farmer. Managing farms alone can be very difficult, so I started helping him at the cost of compromising on my studies. I became an average student as I didn't get enough time to study with all the work I had to do on the farms.  

I live in a joint family of nine people. All my cousins were pusing their studies and doing well in their careers. My parents, despite all the odds, convinced me to go to Indore to pursue my studies. Since my childhood days, I have been very intrigued by technology. I wanted to become an engineer but because of the poor financial conditions of my family, I went for a BSc in Computer Science. I think it was a smart decision to make at that time because the course is almost the same, it's just the degree which is priced in lakhs in engineering colleges.

My Career Background

In college, I was doing well! But, I don’t think that was enough to get a good job in hand! Technology is constantly changing and I did not want to hold back. I used to watch a lot of Youtube videos to acquire better skills. With the term Data Science being very often being mentioned almost in every video, made me research on the subject. That's when I stumbled upon Board Infinity and its courses in Data Science.

I told my parents that I wanted to pursue this course but they refused to pay the fees. It's very difficult to convince parents about the digital world, especially when you want them to pay for something that is solely digital. They were scared because of all the cybercrime stories we get to hear everyday. They didn't want me to be a part of the scam. I didn't have any other financial sources to pay the fees, as I was still in the final year of my college. So, I borrowed some money from my friends and took the course at Board Infinity. Later on, I joined a call centre as a Customer Care Executive where I had to work for almost 10 hours everyday.

I didn't enjoy my work at all. It was only something I did to manage my fees. The office was 13 kms away and my shifts were sometimes scheduled at odd hours, even though commuting was difficult. On some days, I’d walk home from the office. It was very difficult to manage college, my course at Board Infinity and work, all of them together. Sometimes I have even bribed my friends with chocolates to help me with my college projects. They have been there for me!

Learning at Board Infinity

Board Infinity has been very helpful to me. It exposed me to an entirely new world of Data Science and helped me upskill myself. I was most interested in learning Python and I think with Board Infinity, I have mastered that really well. I am extremely thankful to Himanshu Sir who has been there for me when I needed advice. With Board Infinity, I really work hard everyday to achieve my goals of becoming a highly skilled Data Scientist everyday. My dream company being Microsoft, I can’t just sit and wait for things to happen. I am doing everything to make my dreams come true. My parents have gone beyond their capacity to send me to another city to study, I have a lot to payback!

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