You think you have made the best resume. You have put insane hours of toiling, focused as much as possible and created a masterpiece. You’ve taken feedback from everyone, followed every single rule in the book.

But it’s not getting you closer to your dream job. Your resume isn’t a golden ticket to a new job, and here’s why.

It’s all you!

Yes, a stellar resume will help in making a great first impression. The time and effort you have spent on your resume will be worth it, no doubt. It will open the doors for you, but it will not guarantee that you’ll clear the interview or get the job.

You’re mistaken if you think the job is yours just by relying on the resume solely. It’s up to you to seal the deal. It’s in your hands. You’ll have to live up to the impression of your up-to-the-mark resume.

Doesn’t hide loopholes

Your resume can’t lie, it’s not possible. You can’t get away with an unemployed break of 4 months or you leaving a job abruptly. Everything is noted and transparent.

The hiring manager verifies all your information before they take your application ahead. You’re mistaken if you think you have written a perfect resume and it will cover your loopholes for you. Hiring managers specifically read resumes to weed candidates out.

You might not be as good!

Say your resume makes a mark on the hiring manager, and he takes a short interview of yours before he arranges for the actual one with the management team.

Now, this is a very crucial step.

  • If you don’t stand true to what you’ve written in your resume, it won’t work for you.
  • If you don’t interview well, you will be forgotten and your resume will be, too.

As much time as you spend on perfecting your resume, 2X of that should be spent on you on rehearsing and preparing for your interview.

Won’t tell the story

Now, there must be a reason why that employment gap is there or your resume must have details of that very interesting project you did last summer. But, no. You cannot possibly include everything on your resume.

A LinkedIn profile is a great place to weave an interesting story, but a resume needs to be bang on. Only experiences and skills which add value to your professional life, are of use.

Basically, include only your job-related skills and details related to it. Just because your resume looks full and heavy, it’s not going to fetch you the job.

So let’s face it. A resume will give you a chance for an interview. After that, it’s wholly and solely you.

All the best!